Online rummy is a fascinating game. The gaming features, its convenience factor and umpteen challenges have redefined rummy and added to the excitement of the game. In terms of rummy rules, online rummy is same as the traditional rummy with cards. But one of the biggest differences between both is the ‘time’ factor. When you are playing rummy online, you are restricted by time. Each player is given a stipulated time to make his/ her move. This ticking time has created a whole new experience of excitement and challenge giving an adrenaline rush to the players.

Often players feel edgy due to the limited time and seem to give up on the game. Fret not! Help is here. Here are 3 useful tips to utilize time wisely while playing online rummy.

  1. At the beginning – Do not rush to meld

In online rummy games, the pressure to stick to the time frame will compel you to start melding immediately you are dealt with a hand. But hurry not; take a couple of seconds to arrange your cards and analyze what are the possible sequences you could probably work on. The tact lies in being patient and never yielding to pressure. Have patience and play your cards. Keep an eye onthe passing time. Your strategies and wins in rummy depend on how calmly you think under the pressure of time. Try arranging your cards based on the colour code of Black-Red-Black-Red or Red-Black-Red-Black in order to avoid yourself from getting confused.


  1. While waiting for your turn – calculate the possibilities

Yet again when you are waiting for your turn, it is quite natural to get restless while your opponents are making their moves. Do let your restlessness take the better of you. Stay focused; work on the various possibilities that may arise. In rummy games, it is important to keep a watch on the cards getting discarded/ picked from the ‘Discard’ section. Try to analyze the possible melds your opponents could be working on. Plan your strategies based on ‘what if’ situations. Never let distraction take the upper hand. Usually, players indulge in a bit of chatting and socializing with other players in theonline rummy game. But getting too much chatty will only spoil your prospects to win. Hence, stick to your game and make use of the time well.


  1. When it’s your turn – stay calm and play 

The most important trait of successful rummy players is their ability to keep their cool and take the right decisions within the given time. Staying calm through the game is an indispensable asset for any rummy player. When your turn to play comes, you need to make decisions based on your analysis of the opponents’ moves. And these decisions cannot be taken at the spur of the moment. In fact, in rummy games,decisions are based on thorough analysis of the game and your opponents’ moves till then. So, stay focused and have patience throughout. When your turn comes, you are better placed to make the right move within the limited time. The effectiveness of your turn is dependent on how well you have managed time till then.


Time to act right!

In theonline rummy game, time is very crucial. Your success depends on how well you manage time at different stages of the game. Hence be wise; play nice.