Regardless of whether your startup is operating on a “shoestring budget” or you are well capitalized thanks to generous Angel Investors and backers, the fact remains that you need to start — and stay — lean and agile if you hope to complete, and plan to thrive. To that end, here are four technologies that should be part of your ecosystem from the beginning:

  1. Accounting Software

It may not be the most exciting or sexiest software solution out there, but make no mistake: having the right accounting software will not just ensure that your startup is organized, but that it is efficient and compliant as well. Indeed, the last thing you need is to get bogged down with paperwork when it comes time to submit payroll data or file your taxes.

  1. VoIP Phone System

VoIP phone systems instantly give you enterprise-grade calling features that will impress your customers, including auto attendant and video conferencing. Plus, your team will like (if not love) features like voicemail-to-text, voicemail-to-audio, hunt groups, ring groups, smartphone apps, CRM integrations, and more. And if that is not compelling enough according to Votacall, a leading VoIP Solutions Provider, the cost savings vs. a conventional landline system can reach — or sometimes exceed — 50 percent per year.

  1. Content Management System

Even if you outsource your web development to a third party, ensure that you have a robust and scalable content management system. And of extreme importance: make sure you completely own it and have full control, so that if you need to change vendors, you do not risk having to start over with a new content management system, or go through a lengthy (and usually costly) transfer process.

  1. Network Security System

Data is the new oil — and, unfortunately, nobody knows this better than today’s hackers and cyber criminals, who specialize (for lack of a better word) in targeting vulnerable websites and harvesting data; either so they can exploit it to commit identity theft, or so they can sell it in the cyber underground. Ensure that all of your digital properties are fully protected, both on the perimeter and on each end points.

The Bottom Line

Being at the helm of a dynamic startup is challenging — but it also exciting, because the sky is the limit! Ensuring that the four technologies above are part of your ecosystem from the beginning will help ensure that you reach your aspirational goals; or better yet, exceed them!