Top 5 Android Spy Applications

So, are you interested in snooping and sneaking around secretly? Technically this is illegal and could be risky if you are caught in such cases. It is wrong to invade somebody’s privacy, but if you are ready to take the risk, you can find a company online that specializes in making spy software for smart phones. How ever you can monitor activities of children, employees, track cell phone with use of softwares like Stealthmate . However, they do not come cheap, they are quite effective.  Alternatively there are Android spy apps that work similarly. Moreover most of them are free, so they are worth giving a shot. However, these apps are developed for fun and using them for illegal things is punishable. So, take it as a warning and avoid such things.


1.      IP Cam Viewer

As the name suggests, this allows users to access an IP Web camera in case you own one. You can remotely view and control your IP camera, DVR, and network video recorder using Android. You can watch the video streams of many public and traffic video cameras using this app and the people on the other side will not even suspect it.

2.      Auto call recorder

With this you can record your call automatically, you can record all your calls or only calls that are from those that are not in your contacts. You can play, save and share the recorded calls. This app may come in handy when you let others borrow your phone and you really want to know what they are talking.

3.      Mobile Hidden Camera

This app installs and behaves like a notepad application, but in reality this versatile spy camera can automatically click pictures at regular intervals, without flash, any noise and any notifications whatsoever. The possibilities are endless and really help you spy.

4.      App Lock

Perhaps you are secretive and do not like others to see the stuff on your Smartphone like your photos, calendar entries or texts. If you do not like to share the personal content on your phone then this is the application for you. It is worth installing as it prevents apps from being accessed by asking a password or pattern before unlocking them. It is an easy and strong application tool.

5.      M Spy

This is an easy to use audio spy app. It is made for snooping on conversations. Using this app could be a little tricky. You will need two handsets, one for installing the app on and use it as a microphone and the other through which you can listen. Listen to the conversation where this phone is kept. Send an SMS to this phone and the phone will call you back.

These are the 5 Apps from Android for spies or people who are just curious. Just use them for fun but nothing illegal and have fun.

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