Having a virtual office is less expensive than renting physical office space, but it still costs more than just operating your business from your house.  There are clear advantages of renting a virtual office.  Here is why it is worthwhile to pay Beverly Hills prices for a virtual office in Beverly Hills:

1 Professional Phone Service

Virtual office rentals include virtual receptionist services.  A virtual receptionist is not a robot or an answering machine.  A professional receptionist will take phone calls for your business.

2 A Beverly Hills Mailing Address

Renting a virtual office gives your business an LA mailing address.  Even if you live outside of California, you can still give clients the impression that your company is based in LA.

3 Safe Delivery of Parcels

A virtual office is a real office.  The front desk staff can sign for parcels that are delivered to your business.  Having parcels delivered to a well-staffed office is much better than having mail carriers leave the parcels on your doorstep.

4 A Place to Meet Clients

Renting an office in a city you only occasionally visit is not a wise investment.  You do, however, sometimes want to meet clients in Los Angeles.  Virtual office buildings rent conference rooms to clients on an as-needed basis.  You can project an image of professionalism by meeting your clients in a conference room that might as well be all yours.

5 Protect Your Privacy

Being able to do your work in your own home is comforting.  Publishing your home address and personal phone number, however, is not.  Having a business address and phone number is a good idea for reasons of privacy and safety.

When you are not ready to rent a full office, renting a virtual office from Global Business Centers is a good choice.