5 Creative Fonts for PowerPoint Presentation in 2015

Old presentation fonts tend to be boring. Typography is among the most vital components of any brilliant PowerPoint design. The aspect of rich topography continues its domination in 2015. Fonts of high quality are now getting more accessible and affordable. Some exciting, new and interesting font PowerPoint presentation trends are already available at slideshop.com.

1) Flat Design Fonts

The number of websites and associated marketing materials which sport flat design has risen markedly over the last few years. The term flat design’ is applied when referring to the design-style whereby elements lose any form of stylistic characters, therefore making them appear to lift off the page. This trend goes on in 2015, as many presentation designers favor presentations promoting functionality over form. There seems to be preference for simplistic designs that are minimalistic and intelligent this year. Crisp, sharp and visually interesting fonts tend to be highly popular varieties.

2) Handwritten Fonts

Personalization, branding and social media have become the hallmarks of the present age. Presentation fonts mimicking handwriting have a way of imparting a personalized and authentic feel to PowerPoint functions. Handwritten fonts have irregular letter weights and size, leading to unique differentiation. Such handwritten fonts facilitate creation of similar look at good cost, which is a substitute for contracting a hand-lettering artist. By introducing a personal touch, fonts written by hand enable the audience become more receptive to presentations.

3) Mix and Match Fonts

Certain design professionals in 2015 expect for designers to continue mixing and matching fonts more than they have previously done. The idea can lead to more beautiful PowerPoint slides. It is more common now for presentations to bear two or three fonts, which makes the page more attractive and easier to read. You can create a polished and artistic look customized for PowerPoint presentation by combining several distinct fonts that blend well together. Still, it is acceptable using between two to four different complementary typefaces.

4) Bold Fonts

Another persisting trend in 2015 is utilizing bold font styles that have large font sizes. Presentation designers are employing display fonts more than in past times. Screens have now become larger with displays improving in quality too, implying larger fonts will be applied more frequently. Making use of bolder and larger fonts aligns with the practice of emphasizing content over aesthetics. Text rendered in readable and simplified fonts easily grab attention, encouraging members within the audience to pay attention to slides.

5) Hipster Fonts

Hipster fonts afford a contemporary feel to presentations and could either be extremely thin or quirky and thick. A kit having such font types normally has diverse dingbats or icon fonts, like mustaches, bicycles and arrows. Just ensure applying them with care since improper methods of design could lead to excessively trendy presentations.

You can achieve the fonts listed above with slides from https://slideshop.com to achieve livelier presentations in 2015. Take note that each front bears its unique personality. As such, it helps selecting one which is reflective of a given personality brand that the user intends to project, when putting together slides for PowerPoint presentation.