Now that mobile phones are almost entirely ubiquitous, there’s the matter of how they affect long- and short-term communication norms. If you think about different times in your life, you’ll notice there’s a lot of connection between what you do, and how you communicate with your environment. For example, you probably were involved in different activities when landlines were the only way to call people. And your activities probably changed when pagers became available.

So now, to marry the idea of new tech with new communication, consider topics like SMS engagement, video conferencing, Snapchat-style stories, how people work to disengage that immediacy value, and how online chat via website can change business conversations.

SMS Engagement

Especially in the business world, choosing SMS engagement can have a big difference with how you connect to and interact with your customers. With the dynamic ability to send images and videos back and forth, as a business owner, you now have much more efficient sets of options when it comes to basic troubleshooting, or even with getting reviews back from satisfied customers.

Video Conferencing

Body language communicates a lot of different things during a conversation, so when talks were limited to just audio, there’s a lot missing from the meaning. However, with free video conferencing tools for personal or professional use, that missing meaning comes right back into the equation. Using Skype or other free video services is an amazing improvement in communication technology that has freed up a lot of people to be more satisfied with their interactions.

Snapchat-Style Stories

Learning to tell Snapchat stories is another interesting way to communicate via new technology. Short, real-time videos get stitched together in a way that allows people to talk to each other individually, or through a 24-hour rotating archival system for doing things like longer presentations of daily life. Direct messaging is also available through the service, in a self-deleting manner.

Disengaging Immediacy

With all of this immediacy, many people find the constant interruptions to be unpleasantly distracting. That’s why, in the high-tech world of connections, it’s nonetheless a tech trend for everyone to pile their phones in a container if everyone wants to have a more connected evening out, for a dinner at a fancy restaurant for example, or at a family lunch event.

Online Chat Potential Via Website

And finally, the mobile trend to include online chats on business websites is altering how individuals contact businesses as well. Instead of having to call or email and wait forever for an answer, you can immediately send messages to a representative who can help you with a majority of your questions all via your mobile phone as necessary.