How to speed up Android Device

Android devices are the latest craze in the tech market. The tech markets are flooded with Android devices in the recent years. The Android OS provides phones great flexibility, power and options for customizing their gadgets. However, over the time your device is likely to slow down and therefore the gadget becomes sluggish in performance and it gets frustrating to use over time. Here are 5 simple tips for speeding up your Android device.

Manage Background Apps

One prime reason for device slow down is the background running of your apps. Apps that run in the background use a lot of memory and gobble up the CPU cycles. So get rid of them by heading into the settings of your phone, then the apps and then check for the running services to know what apps are running without your knowledge. If you do not need any of them then uninstall them. Instead of you doing the procedure every time, you can download an app that manages this task. If you are using an old Android device then use the Advanced Task Killer.

Unused Apps should be Uninstalled

When you buy, a new Android gadget it s only natural, to download many apps from the Google Store. As time passes by you do not use them and they linger in your phone slowing your device and use up memory. To avoid this go through all the apps in your phone and if you think you are not using them uninstall them immediately.

Battery Boost

Your entire devise is based on the battery. Your gadget performance is greatly depends on the power of the battery. So, make changes to your phone for improving the battery life, like lowering the screen brightness, turning of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use etc. Also, download battery boosting apps that help increase your battery life.


Flash improves the picture quality and browsing experience on your Android Phone, however it has an effect on the speed of the device. So set your flash only when there is a need, this way the site load time can be improved. For setting flash on demand select the more option in your phone menu and then choose the settings and enable plug in and choose flash on demand.

Replace Launcher

Phones like HTC and Samsung have their own user interface, which includes a customer launcher. Old devices, are slowed down by these launchers and so it is better if you download a launcher which is less demanding from the play store for speed up.

With the above tips boost the speed of your Android device.