5 Top Tips to Acquire More Mobile Gamers

Game app developers spend huge amounts of money trying to acquire gamers to install and use their app. However, the success rate is low, and very few apps actually see profitable results on their advertising investments. If you are looking for answers on how to maximize the acquisition to cost ratio, simply follow the 5 best tips for mobile gaming user acquisition given below.

More is better

If you were planning to tie up with just one User Acquisition (UA) partner to promote your app, it’s time to change the plan. Most successful studio work with at least 5 partners to make their efforts fruitful. Few studios shuffle between 5 and 20 UA partners for different apps. Also remember to choose partners that have a track record of clear and transparent operations.

Rewarded app-trailers

Several apps now offer their users in-app rewards in exchange for watching third party app-trailers. It is a great idea to think of video ads such as these to reach out to potential gamers. If any user does download your app from such an ad, you are bound to pay the app that showcased your trailer a certain fixed fee.

Try Cross Marketing

If you already have published apps with active users, it can pay off to promote your other apps within your established apps. Loyal users of your apps can thus be easily persuaded to try your other offerings. Ways to cross promote include push notifications, banner ads, pop-ups and emails. Many studios, especially those with a history of healthy apps (high user retention and engagement) will prefer to depend on cross marketing over any other external form of advertising.

Don’t Forget Old Users

Retargeting old users is also a good way to optimize your campaigns where you try to bring back previous high-quality gamers to start playing again. While you can reach out to them via social media, it is crucial to identify the content being advertised. Make sure that you are either advertising the same game they have previously played and enjoyed, or a new game with similar interest points. Reaching out with completely unrelated content is unlikely to garner even basic interest.


While CPI app advertising is more popular at the moment and used by more advertisers, it is also general consensus that RTB or Real Time Bidding campaigns are the way to march forward. Therefore, the smart move for you will be to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of RTB, like the products it encompasses – ad exchange, supply-side platform (SSP), and demand side platform (DSP).

In conclusion, to maximize your mobile gamer acquisition, work with an optimum number of transparent UA partners, invest in rewarded video ads and cross marketing, and prepare yourself for the future of RTB.