Photo by AlexBor, CC0 1.0

It is easy to bring your work home with you. Or, maybe you just never leave work. The balance is thrown off, and one side, typically the home life, gets dropped to the bottom of the barrel. An unbalanced work and home life can cause a multitude of problems, especially with children at home who need their parent.

You may own your business, or it may feel as if you never can shut your job off. Some jobs require workers to be on call frequently, leaving you with a feeling of uneasiness as you prepare for a phone call. Millions of people battle these same problems. Sometimes, they develop a solution and lead a balanced lifestyle. However, often, the battle continues, and nothing is solved.

The question is, how do you avoid this unbalanced lifestyle? Everyone wants to be able to clock out and leave their work behind. You want to come home, kiss your beautiful children, and enjoy dinner with your family. But, each time you try, something comes up. Here are some ways to keep your work and home life in their rightful places.

  • Express Your Needs

First, you have to express your needs and be able to communicate them effectively. Your manager has to respect your needs. If you desire to leave at 4 pm to get home at the right time, then those are your needs. If phone calls are off limits on Saturdays because of multiple soccer games, then your manager has to know those boundaries. They will never know unless you express them. Luckily, most people understand boundaries.

  • Use One Calendar

Your calendar keeps your accountable to your family and work. When you combine your calendars, it will help you establish a cutoff time for family activities. It also lets you see when work commitments are going to overlap family activities.

  • Turn It Off

We live in a world when technology, and our work, is at our fingertips. Turning the devices off aren’t always easy, but if you don’t have the self-control to avoid them, it is a necessary step.

Try some baby steps before shocking yourself with the off button for a whole day. During dinner time, turn off your cell phone and turn off the TV. Spend the time talking to your family. When you take your kids to the lake, leave all electronics in the car. After some time, it will become the norm.

  • Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is important, especially if you feel overwhelmed at work. When you feel stressed out about work and taking it home with you, disconnect from your job. Take an hour to get a massage or take a walk. You want to be present with your family so make sure to stay attentive at home or living in a mobile home and work by taking care of yourself. Also, make sure you aren’t experiencing discomfort at work. Investing in a comfortable and affordable chair will make your body feel better. Take frequent breaks and eat healthy lunches.

  • Learn to Say No

We are taught that we need to do everything and be everything for everyone. It is a horrible way to live your life. Saying no is vital for your mental well-being. You don’t have to agree to lead a committee at work if it means missing dance recitals. Also, you don’t need to be a Girl Scout Leader if it is going to cause you to miss deadlines at work.

  • Remember the Role of Work

Your job plays an important part of your life. It helps keep the lights on, food in the refrigerator, pays the mortgage, and more. However, your job doesn’t define your life, and your family will bring you true joy. Adopt the right mindset early so you can keep your life balanced.