We all know any successful native advertising campaign begins with quality content, but there are some tricks that will optimise your native advertising in the UK.

Tip #1: creative advertisement testing

Using controlled creative tests, of both the copy and visual aspects of your ads, will enable you to determine the best combinations. See which combinations have the strongest impact on your target audience. Be sure to optimise both elements of your adverts throughout the campaign.

Tip #2: maximise the impact of your words

Use effective keywords, emotive language, and calls to action. Be sure to optimise the length of your headlines and copy – short and snappy is best.

Tip #3: split your campaign by placement

Most native networks will only have the option to set your CPC/CPV bids on a campaign level. If you have one campaign including placement on multiple devices (e.g. desktop, mobile and tablet), you will only be able to set one bid price for all placements. Create a separate campaign for each placement in order to set CPC/CPV bids for each one.

Tip #4: adjust your bids and copy

If you’re not seeing any response to a campaign, try increasing your CPC/CPV bid – it can give you the boost needed to reach users. If you’re still not seeing results, try tweaking your copy and image combinations. Only make one change at a time. Wait to see if it has any effect – if you make multiple changes you won’t know which was the effective one.

Tip #5: optimise your landing pages for conversion

Ensure all landing pages have been optimised for maximum readability before you launch your campaign. Make sure any actions you want your visitors to take are front, centre, bold and easy! Always be aware of your brand and the objectives of your campaign – how can you tweak the layout of your landing pages to achieve the desired results?

Tip #6: test advert performance across multiple networks

The success of native advertising is increasing constantly, as is the demand for ad networks. As a result, ad networks are becoming more competitive and more unique in their offerings. Try your adverts across multiple networks, see which is most successful, and don’t be afraid to mix and match!