The iPad offers so many great uses, from managing your daily budget to planning important events such as weddings. However very few parents realise just how powerful a learning tool they can be, so here we talk you through 7 great apps for helping your child in their learning.

IPad Apps for Younger Students


EpicWin is perfect for those that are looking to organise their children in a more fun and engaging way. Where once simple tasks, such as setting your child up so their ready for their maths class, were seemingly impossible now your child can complete their tasks through the help of their virtual person. And the best thing? Once they’ve completed their task they’ll receive virtual treasure!

iReward Chart

As its names suggests this virtual version of the kitchen star chart will help your young child progress through their academic week with a focus on tasks (such as chores or behavioural goals). Once they’ve completed a task or met with certain behavioural goals they’ll receive their virtual star, leaving them free to focus upon the next task ahead.

Task Timer

Where a child struggles to keep focus upon a task from beginning to end (whether it be for school work or home chores) this great app will help them keep on track. First of all they pick a task and together you decide upon a completion time. The task timer will then show them how much time has gone and how much time is left until the deadline. It can also factor in break times and vibrations every now and then to remind the child of the task in hand.

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Apps for teenage students


inClass is an extremely popular app for teenagers that want a great way of tracing their classes and courses. It can even send them an SMS message prior to a class so that they’ll never be late or forget a class again. inClass also helps to remind your child of important homework deadlines, and allows them to take innovative class notes through audio, video and text.


Although not exactly an App, MyTutorWeb offers the option of tutoring no matter where you are, completely remotely. Users use the resource in the same way they would a traditional tutor, however it also allows them the chance to record tutorials, use the interactive white board online and of course most importantly has no ties to location, meaning you can get the best tutors anywhere.

iStudiez Pro

This app is for all devices, not just Apple ones, and is designed to help students with the tracking of their school schedules, homework, exams and grades.  It features planners, notifications and grade tracking.

For Parents and Child

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be sued on all phones, not just iPhones, and allows both you and your child to have a shared calendar with varying tasks, appointments and to do lists. You are also able to share your calendar with your child, so they can see when you’re free for those all-important revision sessions!

Kids Academy 123 Tracing

Kids Academy 123 Tracing is perfect for children that are struggling with their basic numbers. Together you can work through various tasks that are completed through drawing numbers through trace points. The numbers to be copied fill the entire screen, so it’s perfect for those that are yet to master their hand-eye co-ordination.