It has been said that cable television is changing with the times so it doesn’t face the same fate as cassette tapes and the milkman.

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Internet television services like Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube have revolutionized the way TV watchers are able to consume and share their favorite shows and movies. In order for cable to remain relevant, companies will have to find new ways to keep their customers happy. Here are 7 ideas to ponder:

Improve your customer experience. Customers frequently complain about technicians who miss scheduled appointment windows, customer service agents who don’t have answers to common problems, and the amount between the day you make an appointment for service at your home and the actual date of the appointment. Improving customer service has been shown to improve company revenue between 10% and 40%.

Create better pricing options. A study by PricewaterhouseCooopers stated that only 14% of cable customers are happy with the current price of their services. 44% of cable customers would be interested in an a la carte pricing system that would allow them to pay only for the channels they want to watch. 73% of respondents would welcome any kind of pricing system that does not stick them with channels they don’t watch.

Improve response to service outages. There always seems to be an outage right when you are watching the season finale of your favorite TV show or the Major League World Series. When customers call the service line, the only thing that can be done is to make an appointment for another day. A system that alerts customers to outages via email or text would cut down service calls.

Upgrade your broadband service. Young consumers are watching television via internet entertainment portals like Netflix and Hulu. The major advantage of these portals is that people can watch their favorite TV shows and movies at their convenience. Cable television customers should continue to find innovative ways to provide the best in broadband internet service in order to stay relevant.

Explore giveaway campaigns. Cell phone companies are able to make large profits by giving away free and reduced priced cell phones. Cable companies can make a similar offer with free televisions and laptop computers.

Focus on customer retention strategies. It is more cost effective to retain a customer than it is to recruit new customers. Try branding strategies like expanding local television programming to include school, sports, arts, and other community activities that focus on youth. Sponsorship of local events will keep the name of the cable company around for many years.

Expand use of social media as a customer service strategy. Cable television viewers have frequent access to social media tools like Twitter and Facebook. They use these tools to communicate with the world about their experience with cable service. Cable companies should invest in training that will allow customer service agents and other relevant cable employees to search for and respond to negative and positive responses.