7 Ways to Customize Your UTV

If you’re still driving a factory-issued UTV, you’re missing out on great chances to personalize your vehicle to your own needs and aesthetics. Here are just a few modifications that can transform your UTV into something uniquely suited for you.

1. Lights

LED lights can be seen from great distances, so if you worry about safety and visibility in the dark, make sure you pick up a few high-illumination bulbs for your UTV. You can also shop for things like accent lights if you want to give your vehicle some pizazz!

2. Skid Plates

Skid plates offer more than just protection from dirt and debris. On rough terrain, they can mean the difference between a functional UTV and a non-operational one. Don’t get stranded far from home because you don’t have a skid plate.

3. Roofs

Are you tired of getting soaked during afternoon storms? Install a roof over your UTV and never worry about the weather again! In addition to offering protection from the elements, they can also give your UTV a one-of-a-kind look depending on the color or brand that you purchase.

4. Tires

Heavy-duty tires are absolutely essential for UTVs that frequently prowl hard or snowy terrain. If you’re a serious off-roader, you might also want wheels specifically engineered for durability and strength.

5. License Plate Brackets

These are purely a fashion accessory, but if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to customize your UTV, license plate brackets can offer the style you want at a price you can afford. There are literally hundreds of colors, shapes and patterns on the market, so have fun choosing the best!

6. Seats

Buy adjustable seats for finicky passengers. Buy bucket seats for comfort during long rides. You can even buy ergonomic UTV seats if you’re especially susceptible to back pain!

7. Ski and Track Systems

The next time you need to haul some firewood from miles away, let your UTV do the heavy lifting for you. Ski and track systems can help your UTV navigate the snow like it was designed for it, and when winter’s over, you can simply take them off and put them in storage for next year.

Whether you’re shopping for work, recreation or a combination of the two, these are just seven side by side accessories that will improve both the style and the functionality of your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to get creative! It’s your own UTV, so it should have your own trademark look.