It´s important that when marketers sends emails, even if they are using free bulk email marketing platforms, invest a lot of time thinking of the best way to express their messages and catch readers´ attention.  Sending emails requires money and it´s essential to make sure that our emails will be opened and read.

This article will cover nine terrible email marketing mistakes that you must avoid in order to achieve your goals.

1. Not automating your email marketing

An easy way to avoid terrible email marketing mistakes is with an email server like Mailrelay. Marketers must manage many things at the same time so it´s useful to automate emails.

2. Not sending emails at the right time

Think when your readers will open your emails according to their life patterns. At the beginning of your email marketing strategy you will not know your readers´ life patterns, but after a period of time you will be able to differentiate between the wrong and right time to send them emails.

Remember that´s important to track your email open rates because it will help you to make changes or improvements.

3. Using sender email addresses like “do not replay@ or no replay@”

When we send an email to our subscribers we must stand it out from the rest of emails that our subscribers will receive.  For that, you can never use sender email addresses like “Do not replay @” because you will be push your readers to not open your emails. Those sender email addresses are always unwelcome and if you use them your open rates will be low.
It doesn´t matter if your emails are written by you or not, but emails must be sent from a recognizable name.

4. Not sending images based on your emails

Many subscribers have images turned on by default, which means that your email will be difficult to display by your readers´ devices. Don´t send images that are not based on your website and have a lot of pixels. Simplify and provide relevant images and content.

5. Building bad database lists

The first step for an email marketing strategy is creating a list of email contacts with all your existing subscribers or clients. As time goes by, your list will grow with more and more email contacts. Don´t buy email lists because the people you end up sending emails don´t know you.

6. Writing boring subject lines

The subject line is what makes people to open an email and click on it. It´s important to grab people´s attention trying new things and measuring your open rate . Write creative, conversational and personal subject lines and try different options in order to find the best one.

7. Don´t forget that your emails will be read on mobile devices

Emails must be optimized for mobile devices to be opened and read by users. You must take care of optimizing images and driving traffic easily to your website.

8. Not creating a content strategy

It´s advisable to figure out what to write for every email marketing campaign . Writers should rely on content calendars to send their topics timely.

9. Not sending professional emails

Emails must look professional, attractive and be well written. Take care of typos, which can make your readers have doubts about your professionalism. If you don´t have time for creating great emails you can always hire experts in digital marketing like Neoattack agency.

We hope you´ve liked this article and follow our tips to avoid these nine terrible marketing mistakes.