Searching through apps and folders buried in other folders can waste a lot of time. However, certain Android shortcuts can turn complicated functions into simple one-step processes. To make your life a whole lot easier, this Android App Developer is showing you these shortcuts:

Reject Calls

If you just can’t (or don’t want to) answer the phone right now, there’s a quick, easy, and polite way to reject an incoming call. Instead of swiping left or right to accept or reject a call, swipe up and you will be presented with pre-written messages that say “I’ll call you later,” “can’t talk now,” or even your own customized text. If you click a message, Android will instantly send it to the caller.

Tap Contacts

This shortcut is a reward for those with a highly organized contact list. If you tap and hold a contact photo in several different Android apps, then you can access a contact’s information instantly. You can navigate to Google+ and message them, email, call, even navigate to their address via Google Maps.

Open Camera

Android’s latest operating system “Marshmallow” has added a shortcut to make opening your camera a lot faster so you’ll never miss an important photo opp. If you need to take a quick photo, click the power button twice and the camera app will open.

Do Not Disturb

Normally, you need to change your Settings if you want to set your phone to Do Not Disturb. However, a feature on Marshmallow OS implements a new version of Do Not Disturb which affects everything except your alarms. If you need to silence your phone at a moment’s notice, just hold the volume down button to access this feature.

Personal Dictionary

If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled on your Android, you can create a Personal Dictionary in your Language & Keyboard menu. No more typing out “talk to you later” or “be there soon.” Just input a phrase and a shortcut phrase, and when you type your shortcut, the phrase will pop up in the autocorrect and suggestions bar.

There is nothing quite like taking something complicated and making it easy. You can waste a lot of time digging through unnecessary folders and menus in order to perform a simple function, but these 5 shortcuts can be done with little to no effort and can save you those precious seconds.