Decision making is one of the most important skills required as a public administrator, and if you don’t have the ability to make tough decisions quickly then you are not likely to succeed in the role. One decision you’ll have to make as a public administrator is what type of phone you have at your disposal to make some of the important phone calls when required. Two of the most popular operating systems when it comes to mobile devices are Apple iOS and Android. Both systems have many benefits and different uses, but which one do you choose in a career that requires a reliable phone? Below we’ll have a look at some of the points to consider.

Thousands of Apps

We can’t really compare Android and Apple here as both operating systems are perfect for taking advantage of the thousands of apps available on their markets. Apple iOS is the operating system a lot more developers seem to build their apps for first, though, so if you are looking for an operating system that is almost guaranteed to have an app on it to make your job easier, then Apple iOS would be the obvious option.

Better Security

Both the Android and Apple operating systems have their own security flaws, but both get updated on a regular basis to ensure the devices are as secure as possible. This is important if you have used an online MPA program to study for an online MPA degree to work as a public administrator, because you will more than likely be working in the government sector, so ensuring your phone is secure to protect your information is vital. When you look at both operating systems in terms of security, you could say they are even, but as Apple iOS is much more supported by developers and is a much bigger company, so it could be wise to go with an Apple iOS operating system here.

Ease of Use

Androids are known to be a lot easier to use than Apple phones purely because the Apple operating system has proven to be a little more complicated. It’s important as a public administrator that you have a phone that is easy to use so you can quickly do the things you need to without it taking up too much time out of your day. Apple phones are easier to use according to some people because they haven’t used an Android based phone before, and this works both ways. If you have had an Apple based phone before, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for one of those instead.

Both Android and Apple phones are very similar in terms of features, security, and ease of use, and it really all depends on what operating system the person has used before. You may not get a choice in picking the right phone for your depending on the business you work for, but if you do, you should opt for the one that you have the most experience with to make your job as a public administrator easier.