Apple Tablet – Compare and Get the Best Deal

A large number of people, nowadays, use different smart mobile devices for communication purpose and access internet on the go. Recently, the tablet computer has gained immense popularity and the market is flooded with a wide range of tablets from different brands. Apple tablets are a popular choice among the Indians. If you are looking to buy a tablet for yourself or gift it to your loved one this Diwali it would be wise to compare Apple tablet prices in India as well as consider the features to get the best bargain.

Some of the important features that make Apple iPad a better choice than other tablets in the market are


In terms of hardware the iPad tablets are far superior as compared to the Android powered tablets. Apple tablets have faster processors, better display, powerful camera and large memory capacity. If budget is not a constraint you can buy high end models like Apple iPad Air 128 GB wifi with cellular or Apple iPad Mini Retina Display 64 GB wifi with Cellular. These models would cost you around Rs. 63,500/- and Rs. 51,900/- respectively. The large memory and the crystal clear display quality makes it fun using the tablet especially if you love to watch movie or play games on your Tab. The large screen size only adds to the fun. Not to mention, the retina display tab is easy on the eye even and doesn’t cause any strain if you use it for long hours.

Superior software and wide choice of applications

One of the main reasons why Apple tablets are popular worldwide is its superior quality software/operating system and the wide choice of applications. The Play store has a plethora of applications catering to the needs of all kinds of users. You can find applications that allow you to check your blood pressure to edit your videos and mix sounds.

Easy to use

This is another significant feature of the Apple Tablets, no matter if you have a low end model like Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi (Rs. 9,999/-)or Apple iPad Mini 16 GB (Rs. 16,549/-) or an high end model the top notch quality interface of the device make it easy to handle even for the novice users.  The best thing is that all the tablet models of Apple have the same interface unlike the Android tablets where the different models have different interface depending on the manufacturer. There is no consistency.


With the improvements in the software and the security features new updates of the software are released from time to time. It is essential to keep your tablet updated regularly with the latest updates so as to keep it running efficiently. The updates released by Apple are made available to all registered Apple users as soon as it is released in the market.

Thus, with such a wide range of benefits, it is no doubt that the Apple Tablets are a better choice. You can make your choice by browsing any price comparison site to know the price offered by different online retailers rather individually visiting the portals.