With the better availability of iPhone 5 available in the stores and the approaching holidays, it is time for downloading some new apps on your iPhone. If you have an iPhone already or planning to buy one then also consider the apps you will be needing. There are many apps that are available for download for entertainment, cooking, information news, for men, women, children, etc. Here are some of the most entertaining and useful apps listed for dads.


This app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users. It is app for music lovers. If you are out of town and you suddenly hear a nice song than you tap your feet to in a hotel or coffee shop or in a mall, and you want to remember it later too then you can work it up with the Shazam app. This app identifies songs in less that one second, tags it and it is ad free and has exclusive features. This app identifies the song for you and you can buy it right away or you can tag it and purchase it later. You can share the song on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and even watch videos on YouTube.


As a dad, you’ve got certain responsibilities, and ensuring the well-being of your kids, both offline and online, is one of them. If your youngsters regularly access your iPhone, or if they have an Apple smartphone of their own, then it’s extremely important that you childproof the device using iPhone parental controls. This is where SecureTeen comes in. This neat app is designed to create a safe online environment for kids which they can freely explore without facing the threat of running into cyberbullies, predators, inappropriate websites, and various other harmful elements that plague the digital world. It even lets you manage the amount of time your kids spend online, block apps that you don’t want them to be using in access, and even lets you track their location. Being a dad in the digital age isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but the job sure becomes far less challenging with the help of this parental control app.


If you land up unexpectedly with some time for yourself while waiting at the airport on in a line. or at the doctors waiting room, Kindle app will provide you with great pastime in the form or a reading app. iPhone will provide the reading option to the users anywhere and at any time. Also one can access the personal documents if they are sent to the kindle email address. This app provides the option of reading free books from thousands of free ebooks available. Now you do not have to own a Kindle reader for reading magazines or newspaper or books. This app also has an in-built dictionary which allows the users to look for words when they are reading ebooks.. This app also lets you sync the books so that you can read them on many devices right from the page you have left previously. Users can also customize their reading, buy sample books before buying.


When you are super busy and goingcrazy because of getting late for work but cannot miss your morning coffee, then this iPhone appis perfect for use. The Starbucks app on the iPhone helps you find the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. This app is not only useful when you are in town but also when you travel to a new place. In addition to just finding the location of your favorite coffee shop, mange your card balance, go for card reloading, you can add the Starbucks card to your passbook, which is the easiest and fastest way to pay at Starbucks as you can just scan and go. You can even build your own perfect beverage, find the nutritional performance and share the location and your favorite drinks through social networking sites.


If you are crazy for movies, then this app is the right one for you. With the app fandango, you can watch trailers, read reviews, buy movie tickets. This app is from the top movie site which is now available as a free site for iPhone users. You can now get all the info related to the movies playing in the nearest theatres at your fingertips. By using the app feature “next hour” you can quickly browse what movies will be played in the nearest theatre in an hour. Users can view high quality trailers and photos of movie stars, movie photos, etc. using this app. You can add theatres to your favorite list, purchase tickets in an instant and go to the ticket collector and have your mobile device scanned for the ticket. You can review the movies and rate them from your app directly.


Staying connected with friends and professional people does not get any better than this app. It connects you with all professional network and keeps you updated on the latest news from the industry.  This app is the best one for networking and making connections. You never know the connection you make through this app might lead to your next job opportunity. With the LinkedIn app for iPhone and iPad you can get access to your professional network. Some of the things you can do with this app is connect with millions of members globally, view jobs and save them, read the industry related news, stay updated with your groups, share content with your network. This app is available in many languages like Korean, Spanish, Turkish, French Italian etc.


Everybody must have this fun filled app. It lets you get ready for your favorite football game, parties or wake your kids in the midst of the night. All that needs to be done is just give the phone a little shake and the cow bell goes sounding all the way. Users can select and play their favorite cowbell which is related to the song in the iPod library inside this app.

These are some of the app that pretty much every dad would love to have.