In the recent 3-4 years, mobile trading has increased astounding statures regarding scope and use. According to one of the reports from NSE, mobile trading increment by over 130% from Rs.50,800 Crore in 2014 to Rs.116,800 Crore in 2015. Numbers for 2016 are considering all the more stunning with an expansion in versatile trading by twofold. What’s more, this is accurately why a considerable amount of leading and upcoming stockbroking houses have been propelling their versatile trading applications in such a rush. More than a solace, it has turned into a fundamental desire of potential trading customers now.

Recently, a research study on the best mobile trading apps revealed:

  • Contributions from activeusers of various stock intermediaries as far as convenience, application speed, trading knowledge and ease of use of the application.
  • The number of installs from Android and iOS play store.
  • Application Features.

Based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis these are the top online trading apps for beginners:

  1. SigFig:

SigFig is an investment gateway that offers modified portfolios. On the off chance that you let the managers at SigFig run your online tradingfor you, they’ll assign and deal with your money for 0.25 percent every year — and that incorporates access to an investment consultant. In the event that you contribute amongst $2,000 and $10,000, SigFig will outline a portfolio for you for nothing.


  1. Motif:

Motif is an interesting money supervisor that contributes specifically utilizing “Motifs.” Each Motifrepresents a specific investment idea and incorporates up to 30 stocks or trade exchanged assets. Unlike different applications, Motif enables you to purchase every one of the stocks or ETFs in a singleMotif for just $9.95.

Motif offers more than 150 professionally made Motifs, yet you can likewise make your own particular or put resources into the 180,000 or more Motifs that have been made by different investors. Motif can be a decent application for first-time online traderssince it enables you to pick a multi-investment, thematic portfolio.


  1. Bloomberg:

The Bloomberg application is an effective wellspring of information from a standout amongst the most regarded names in money related revealing. Despite the fact that you can’t invest utilizing the application, it gives a great deal of information that a newbie can use to begin.

Bloomberg really gives various applications to online traders, extending from the standard Bloomberg application to Bloomberg Professional, Bloomberg Radio+, Bloomberg TV+, Bloomberg Businessweek+ and Bloomberg Markets+. These applications give different ways to deal with worldwide news and additionally current news on the markets and finance.The standard Bloomberg application permits customization and is allowed to utilize, making it especially suited for first-time online traders.


  1. Acorns:

Acorns is a robo-consultant that offers small-scale investment. As opposed to large sums of money to an investment program, the Acorns application gets together your spare change for you and places it in an investment account.The Acorns investment stage is more moderate than a few different applications. You’ll pay $1 month if your investments are under $5,000, with yearly expenses ascending to 0.25 percent for accounts over $5,000. Acorns is free for undergrads with a substantial .edu email address for a long time.


  1. offers just an application for online traders. It is accessible for both major operating software – Android and iOS. Despite the fact that it might do not have a portion of the expository abilities of the work area form of the world’s most well-known forex exchanging stage MetaTrader4 (MT4), regardless it feels fit for doing the activity. One of the flawless little highlights it has is the 2-day line graph, a fairly as of late advanced method for review a market’s dynamic in a depiction.


  1. Yahoo Finance:

The Yahoo Finance application takes the recipe behind the general Yahoo news application and applies it specifically to financial related information. Despite the fact that it’s not aninvestment stage, it gives connects to various articles and analyses that can enable you to settle on investment choices, covering everything frompersonal finance totechnology news.


The application likewise enables you to link your brokerage accounts so you can screen your portfolio in the application, and you’ll see news stories that are pertinent to your holdings.


Yahoo Finance and every one of its enhancements are free to use. In case you’re now used to the standard Yahoo News site, the Yahoo Finance application can give a level of familiarity that can be consoling to first-time online traders.