When it comes to company’s management – the hardest thing to control is projects stages. More often we have to cope with hundreds of reports and records to discover the best worker, total count amount of deals signed and so on.

This is why companies keep searching for innovative technologies that make their lives easier. Certain systems to keep all bases in one place adding new updates when needed and keeping in touch with any company member in one click.

Finding the best CRM tools boosts companies’ productivity and gets team building progress on much higher level.

All departments work like one sound mechanism when they are aware of what is going on with other groups. They can do their work simultaneously finishing it before deadlines.

They have all needed data in front of their eyes being able to operate any files without using additional hosting services or file lockers.

The most popular CRM tool is known as Bitrix24. This smart system contains popular features of famous social networks in business format.

Short profile

No exterior information, just name, post, date of birth and a photo. Later managers can decorate profiles, honoring outstanding contribution in company’s development with special badges honoris causa.

Such award is visible for the whole company or just for some part of it depending on chosen settings.

Regular timeline

This field resembles any other social network timeline. Although its updates, images, and posts contain only working information. No sweet kitties or bunny pictures – just serious business issues.

People are free o start discussions in comments. It usually brings fantastic results letting coworkers solve all the urgent questions instantly getting involved in such chats.

They often offer original solutions when excited with such discussions, making serious big leaps in their work.

‘Like’ button is also available. An easy method to demonstrate silent support to any object they are interested in.

Boss control

The whole database is under control of company leaders. It is fully protected from leaks or spies. Bitrix24 makes all inner information spread before your eyes. You can check any activity of the project.

Feel free to leave your marks on any post you like or dislike. Leave announcements or invite employees to events – in just a few mouse clicks.

It is as easy as Facebook, but for business purpose only.


No need to use any other messengers now. Feel free to ban any other within your office. Bitrix24 users can start exchanging messages with any other person in the system. Chat option is available as well. Invite as many people as you wish in your conversation.

If for some reason a worker cannot access his profile – Bitrix24 can email him all chat copies you would love to share.

This app is available for PCs and Smartphones. They do not take much place and are easy to handle even when users are in a rush.

If you are still thinking about purchasing a nice CRM for your office – stop hesitating. Such software has helped millions of companies all over the world to cope with their daily tasks faster.