Cobut X6 Smartphone Review

Cubot – A new company which is out on the Android market thrashing all other companies. Yes, today we’ll be reviewing and discussing about the Cobut X6 smartphone. You can also check out the Android 4.4 Smartphone powered Cubot GT72 Plus ebay exclusive, which is a new Cubot dual core phone.

Now this company, has achieved the satisfaction of customers all over the world in the previous year and now have released their ebay- exclusive Cubot Smartphone.

This phone is powered by the latest version of Android which is the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Android OS is one of the top leading mobile operating systems in the world. Thus the phone with awesome hardware combined with Android will give you a lag free experience. As the phone is Android based, the development of this phone achieves stars within a few days after the release.

The phone comes with a 5” inch display. The display is rich and crisp and produces bright color outputs. In a survey recently conducted by us, we found that over 63% people want their phone’s display screen to be from 4.5” inches to 5” inches. Thus we believe the company Cobut has made an awesome step right there, more than awesome – it’s fundamental.

The cubot promotion is done in a very unique way from other companies, the company promises to deliver better specifications instead of wasting it on advertising. I guess that explains why the phone is an ebay exclusive phone.

The phone is a 3G smartphone which was announced in the Cubot Event. With these mobile network carrier providers, providing random internet speeds every day – a phone with 3G connectivity just seems appropriate and meaningful.

This phone is an octa-core unlike other Cubot Quad Core Phones, is double the power. This means you can play more powerful games than you’ve ever done on your mobile device before.  We just love the new additional cores and we believe you’ll feel the swiftness too!

This phone is definitely one of the highly recommended Cubot smartphones of all time. We say so because of the amazing features available at affordable prices. You can buy Android phones with the same specifications for 800$ extra, but who wants to shell out extra bucks, when you can get the best in a budget?

This phone will be displayed in Cubot Smartphone Carnival and adds to the Cubot Phone Big sale and highly sums up to the Cubot Anniversary sale.

The camera of this device which is of 13 megapixels in the rear, is just marvellous. The aperture is just perfect and so is the exposure. One shot I took made my friends ask me “Wow! Did you really take that on your phone?”

Thus I believe we’ve made our points in telling you how awesome it is, and is certainly one of the recommended cobut mobile phonesbut now let’s talk price!

Officially the price is a little high, but now you’ll get for a special prize!

Link to grab this awesome phone for just £ 114.99!

Hope you liked the review, we’ll talk to you in the next one, #Peace!