Website Forwarding Help Your Business : Domain forwarding refers to a process where one URL redirects traffic to another. While the process seems somewhat shady, the truth is that there are many different, legitimate reasons for forwarding domain names. Web forwarding allows you to redirect one or many different URLs to one single website and offers many different benefits, such as:
Controlling Misspelled Domain Names

One of the things that many businesses do to ensure that they are capturing all of the traffic that is trying to reach their site is to purchase domain names that are common misspellings and typos of their own domain name and then forward these URLs to the main site. This allows the business to cast a wider net and capture more traffic.

Forwarding Lengthy Domain Names
Having a web address that is long makes it difficult for customers to remember. And while the main domain name might need to have the longer address, purchasing the rights to use and then forwarding shorter, catchier domain names can help boost traffic.

Forwarding Alternate Domain Names

Businesses who are looking to protect their brand identity will not only register the .com version of their domain names, but also the .org, .net, and other extensions to keep other businesses from using them. Putting these domains to use for your business through web forwarding helps you land customers you may otherwise be missing.

Forwarding Old Domain Names
If you have recently changed your domain name, keeping the old domains active and forwarding the traffic to the new site is invaluable for keeping loyal customers visiting your site. Not only will this help keep those who manually enter the old URL into their browser but making sure that the links to the old domain listed on other websites remain active.

Forwarding Subdomain Names

Last but not least, for websites that use a subdomain on a free hosting website, having a subdomain is much less professional than having a top level domain. However, rather than finding and paying for a hosting solution, you can simply register a top level domain and have it redirect to the subdomain, giving your site the appearance of being more professional, without the cost.
Web forwarding is a great tool that has helped many businesses achieve sales and other goals. However, many customers don’t like being redirected. This makes web forwarding masking essential to the web forwarding process.