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5 reasons to shift to an Android phone from iPhone

Reasons to shift from iPhone to Android.Smart phones, are the craze in the tech market these days, and to top the smart phone market, two phones run the race, striving to win the number one position, the iPhone and the Android phones. The iPhone lovers hate Android and vice versa but they walk on the line fence and admire the advantages of both phones. However, there are some reasons some people will shift from an iPhone to Android. Here are a 5 of them listed.

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5 Tips to speed up your Android Device

Speed boost tips for android.Android devices are the latest craze in the tech market. The tech markets are flooded with Android Devices in the recent years. The Android OS provides phones great flexibility, power and options for customizing their gadgets. However, over the time your device is likely to slow down and therefore the gadget becomes sluggish in performance and it gets frustrating to use over time. Here are 5 simple tips for speeding up your Android device.

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