Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Arena was stacked with more than 10,000 people on April 2, 2012 who gathered to watch the finale of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, between the Brazilian upstart, Luminosity, and European powerhouse, Natus Vincere. The much expected Na-Vi took a rapid early lead, only to be outflanked by the brutal skills of Luminosity.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is first-person shooter video game that supports multiplayer options. It was developed by Valve Corporation and funded by Hidden Path Entertainment. It’s the fourth game to be released in the Counter-Strike franchise, and was released for various platforms, like Microsoft Windows, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and OS X. The Linux version was released later, in September 2014.

How CS:GO was unleashed

Counter-Strike: Global Offence was initially started as an XBOX 360 version – Counter-Strike: Source by Hidden Path Entertainment. The game received a great deal of positive responses, making Valve take it up as an entirely new game with several expansions in the original gameplay.  Valve Corporation used the latest version of the Source, a game engine developed by them. Its unique features include a large degree of flexibility and modularity, a shader-based renderer that’s artist-driven, leading facial expression and lip-sync technology, and a powerful network-dependent system.

Valve is well known for providing supreme support and constant updates for its titles, and Counter-Strike: Global Offence is no exception. After the beta version ended, Valve Corporation took over the entire gaming rights from Hidden Path Entertainment. They continue to provide countless updates, bug fixes, and gameplay adjustments. It even added support for the Stem Workshop to allow the players to experience the developing contents.

Walk through the stunning gameplay!

There are a number of gaming modes in Counter-Strike, and the basic is the Classic: Competitive mode. The gameplay involves playing in rounds, each round lasting 1 minute and 55 seconds. In each life, you get one life that can’t be revived, or the health can’t be regenerated. In the static positions on each map there are two bombing sites, which can either be defended or attacked by a player. A bomb is given to the terrorist side at the start of the gameplay. You need to be equipped with a top-rated keyboard and the best mouse for cs go.

The multiplayer game is played with 5 players on each team, and the rounds are played as best of 30. The first team to get through 16 rounds will win the game. In regular matches, if both the teams secure an equal of 15 rounds, the match ends in a tie. In competitive leagues and professional plays, additional rounds will be added to finalize a winner.

The gameplay involves 2 sides – terrorists and counter terrorists. The terrorists are the destroying groups who need to be defended by the counter-terrorists. Each of these players will have their own objectives and different ways to secure their rounds. The game is played in two halves with each half lasting for 15 rounds. At half time, the players also get an option to switch teams. This extended gameplay has many updates and new maps that can be accessed while the gaming through various rounds.

Handle weapons like a pro

The gameplay includes fire, a most interesting combat variable. Grenades and Molotov cocktails can also be accessed, which can help in distracting or roasting a group of opponents. Pistols are the most basic weapons that are included in the game. Other than pistols, there are also special weapons, like rifles, SMGs, heavy weapons, machines and sub-machine guns, launchers and machetes.

One of the best ways to experience the game play is to play the PC version of the game. You can experience a world-class gaming experience with upgraded best mouse for cs go, keyboards, and mods; Valve also gives a long term PC support for Counter-Strike players.