If you really love your iPhone, then you should be in the know about all the best apps each year.  Apps make the most of your smartphone by adding new and improved functions and features, but there are thousands from which to choose.

It is difficult to know which applications are the best regarding performance and digital structure, but the internet is always here to help.  Check out this quick summary of a few of the most popular and functional iPhone apps of the year, and see what you may have been missing.

Top app in communication

Coming in as one of the most all-around useful apps, Viber is great for all sorts of communication.  All types of communication, including text to video calls, money transfers, iCloud messenger backups, and much more all come from this one free iOS app.

Best weather application

When it comes to the weather, you are either super interested, or you simply do not care.  For those who are super interested in what Mother Earth has in store, Dark Cloud is highly rated by iPhone users.  Unfortunately, it is not a free app, but it is “app-solutely” worth the cost.

Top app for physical fitness

Physical fitness just got smarter and more social with this iPhone app.  The FitBit app works in coordination with the popular wristwatch component.  It is free and easy to use.  You can share your fitness progress with friends and family, and work together to meet your goals.

Great application for passwords

With all the different “account” people are required to have today, it is nearly impossible to always variate your passwords, much less remember them all.  iPhone’s application, Password, is the answer to all of your password woes.

The Password app allows users to choose a different password for every account.  It then stores each of your individual usernames and passwords under one simple login, so you can always remember.

Top app for catching a ride

There comes a time when a person needs a ride.  Instead of overpaying a cab service, use your smartphone.  It turns out, “there’s an app for that.”  Try using Lyft next time you find yourself in need of… well, a lift.  Some prefer Uber, but Lyft treats their drivers exceptionally well.  Oh, and the app is free!

For those who love Apple hardware

You may love Apple’s ability to build excellent hardware, but you just cannot enjoy the software element of their builds.  If this is the case, you should try downloading Google Chrome.

The search engine is much more user friendly and provides far more information from which to choose.  There is no shame in having an iPhone with Google Chrome.