Dishonored is stealth action-adventure game, but not just that. This game is about revenge, that you seek on those who set you up for your collapse. It is about a city of Dunwall – a port that is exciting to explore, but crammed with plague. It is about people – the spirited characters that you will meet in the game, and above all it is about choices, that you will have to make. Engaging enemies in many various ways makes Dishonored fascinating and refreshing for many hours for you to enjoy. Flexibility in engagements and choices throughout the game makes it not only not monotonous but also gives it a great replay value.


In Dishonored players take the role of Corvo Attano, former bodyguard of the empress and currently death row inmate. Playing through the prologue it is hard not to get affection towards Corvo, due to his vulnerability. That makes you want to help him get his revenge, therefore prologue performs its task exceptionally well. It is entirely on you what kind of retribution you want, as throughout the game you can make choices that will lead to different consequences on your quest. Will it be a brutal and bloody vengeance or will you take the high road and make your peace without violence? You will have to choose every time you confront an enemy.


A group of conspirators that break you out of imprisonment are also interested in bringing down the same men who got you imprisoned. While the main characters in the game are quite a cliché: egoistic nobleman, an impudent servant and conscientious admiral, they are brought to life unquestionably well with the help of excellent voice actors, well styled character designs and their own stories, which you can find in their journals. Combination of all that really should make you interested in them.

Dark alleys in the city of Dunwall rewards stealthy gameplay


Exploring city of Dunwall is another part of the game that is a real pleasure. The city once was prospering from the trades, but recently have been plagued. Dunwall reminds of a British city during the industrial revolution, but more colourful and shiny, which makes it more appealing. Besides the views, the exploration benefits are also that you can find hidden items, to restore your health, teach secrets, gain new supernatural powers and improve your armory. Besides the goodies, you can also find alternate routes when exploring the city. Learning how to move effectively through different environments is an enjoyable experience. One of the first superpowers you get is an ability that allows you to teleport a short distance, it helps a great amount to get to places otherwise it would be hard to reach or unreachable. Finding out how to move around the city without getting detected makes your life in the game way easier. For instance, it is possible to take possession of a rat and go through narrow tunnels to find new locations. Knowing some stealth tips is a tremendous help. Increasing your supernatural powers allows for stronger abilities. For example, you can increase your teleport range when upgraded or take possession even of a human for short periods of time if the ability is upgraded enough.


Learning new supernatural powers and improving them requires runes. You will not be able to max out everything, so choose carefully, even though there aren’t bad choices, you still might prefer some abilities over the others. Reading this rune guide will help you to find all the runes that are in the game, which will allow you to maximise your character’s potential.

Corvo summons a swarm of rats to devour an enemy alive


Beside his natural powers, Corvo also has a pistol, a crossbow and sleep darts at his disposal. The sleep darts are invaluable if you are trying to complete the game without actually killing anyone, while it is much more challenging way to play the game, some players elect to do so for different gameplay experience. It might be a good idea to try that after completing the game for the first time. Anyhow, having the weaponry and especially supernatural powers, the game allows for enormous amounts of flexibility on how you might want to play the game and beat your enemies. There are possibilities to do things like summoning a swarm of rats to eat your enemy alive or teleport from hiding on top of your enemy’s head to stab them in the neck. There is plentiful creative ways to fight your enemies, which makes the game a real joy to play.


Dishonored is a great fun due to its flexibility and enormous amount of choices you can make on everything from the way you complete your missions to the abilities you select and how you go about defeating your enemies. All of that allows for an immense replayability value. It is certain that if you like the game you will not be satisfied completing it just once. It is unique gaming experience, but not for everyone’s taste, yet if you will like the game, you will likely will have one of the best gaming experiences you have ever had.



-Creative supernatural powers

-Incredible voice acting

-Unique and gorgeous art style

-Gameplay freedom



-Story pay-off


Score: 8.5/10