Easiest ways for better online video chatting

Video chatting makes it feasible to stay in contact with your loved ones, business partners, and host get -together with the individuals you’ve never met.

We can now video chat from anywhere through laptops, tablets, smartphone with the data connection. On video chat, if your image is clear and your sound is great, the individuals on the other side are more prone to accept that you’ve started thinking responsibly and are occupied with what they’re stating.

There are many video chat services available but below are the easiest, compatible, effective  and most popular ways to communicate online,

  1. Skype

 Skype is a free messaging, video chat and file sharing service acquired by Microsoft. It provides video chat and voice calls from PCs, tablets, and cell phones through Internet to different gadgets. Users can likewise send texts, trade records and pictures, send video messages, and make conference calls. Skype is accessible to download onto PCs running Microsoft Windows, Mac, or Linux, and also Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone cell phones and tablets. Skype is available free; so it’s a great option for video calling or chatting for the common man.  However users need Skype Credit or a membership to call landline or mobile numbers. For the United States the fee may range from $13 to $ 14 every month.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an excellent platform for better communication, developed by Google. It includes instant messaging, video chat and SMS features. Google hangouts allow chat between two or more users and this service is available for Android mobiles and tablets. This is an excellent platform especially for the individuals who want to make large conference calls or for organizing interviews. Users need to create a Google account to use Google hangouts through browsers on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome operating systems. One big advantage of using Google Hangouts instead of Skype is – users can make a video chat with up to 10 individuals at a time for free, while Skype allows only 2 persons.

  1. Apple face time

Apple face time is a video telephony product developed by Apple Inc, launched in 2011. This service is available for devices that support IOS and Macintosh computers. Face time is easy to use service, however if you want to communicate with Apple face Time—you and the opposite person whom you want to talk should use the same platform. A new version of face Time called face Time Audio was released on September 18, 2013.

In addition to the above services, there are many accessories available in the market to improve the quality of the image while video chatting.

A new product that started making waves on Kickstarter is a new video chat light  from Glowzi.  Chatlightis a portable and easy to use product. It generates a kind of light that could illuminate your face and make you look better online while video chatting. Laptops, Smartphones and tablets, desktops with thickness less than 3/4” inch are compatible with Chatlight. Chatlight LED’s can last more than 50,000 hours with up to an hour and a half of lighting on the brightest setting.


The light will enhance your appearance while video chatting. Chatlight was intended to give you adjusted lighting required for utilization with a standard portable screen.  Chatlight has an expandable clasp that appends itself to your gadget.