If you are one of those website owners that have at one point found themselves on the receiving end just because they employed unscrupulous SEO firms to purchase inbound links for them, link http://scanbacklinks.com/, is here to help you analyse the loss and offer advice on how to avoid such situations in future.  This article is not limited to on-site optimization but goes and extra mile to expound on bad links for the sake of your website.

What you need to know is that while you may make some gains out of bad links, this is a short-lived endeavour and there are higher chances of the entire venture falling apart once it dawns on Google that you are being treacherous.  Bad links are an indication that your site contains shoddy or less informative content to be able to attract backlinks without external assistance.  It is possible to gain high quality back links without necessarily purchasing them elsewhere. However, this will be explained later.

In the meantime, let us find out how you can easily identify bad links.

Identifying bad links on your site

Before then, let’s us differentiate between good and bad links. Well, it is simple – quality of the site hosting the links defines the difference. While you may easily identify bad links, there are times when you need to thoroughly scrutinise through your site to determine whether and why your backlink have a negative influence on your site.

  • Links derived from sites specifically designed for SEO – A site containing a great number of irrelevant articles clearly indicates that the website has been created purposefully to connect others. In case it is a WP site, a default WP theme such as TwentyEleven is mostly used. Normally, these sites are not connected from other sites or may be an odd link system specifically designed to connect low quality websites.
  • Links emanating from other commenting sites –  At  http://scanbacklinks.com/, we focus most on combining Trust and Citation flow allowing you a proper summary of backl ink profile’s performance. While Trust flow is the authority bestowed to the site that connects to you, Citation flow takes into account the total number of links contained in your website. That is to say, if you have back links that fall short of trust and citation flow, then the back link is definitely of low quality.

Generally, do not be fooled with spam bots on your site’s comment section informing you “stunning piece, like the message or can you expound on the subject next time etc.”  If you want to maintain the quality of your backlink profile, stay away from comment spam links.

  • Links containing excess anchor texts – Overall, it is likely for one to think that a great number of backlinks to a site are done with the name of the site as link text (anchor text.) Normally, the url is also utilised. In this respect, if you have a big number of sites connecting to your site with actual keywords, just like the low quality firms tend to, it makes your site seem more suspicious.
  • Links containing Copied content – Most sites that have been created specifically for links contain meaningless content or one that has been copied from another site. Various black hat SEO firms generate sites basing on topics making the links seam real and from top quality sites. More often than not, Google Panda will eventually find the sites, and in turn, mark it as a low-rated backlink for your website. Copied content is an indication of low quality and that is exactly why Google keeps on updating its algorithms.

Bottom line: Following the aforementioned modes of identifying good or bad links, it is high time you ensured that what you receive as back links are genuine. This is critical if you want to remain in good books with Google – at most for as long as you are in business!