It is difficult enough going to grad school and trying to ace every class while working and sometimes even raising a family without trying to keep track of everything you should be studying and remembering on a daily basis. If you are looking to make your life just a little bit easier and a lot more organized, you will probably appreciate one or more of the following free apps every grad student should have.


Why is Evernote listed first? It just could be because this is one of the handiest apps you’ll ever download and the best part is, there are other apps that you can integrate with Evernote, making multitasking second nature. As the name suggests, this is an app where you can keep all your important notes in one place, in the Cloud of course, and you can access your files any time of the day or night, as long as you have internet access.

If you are already studying for an online MSN nursing administration degree from Bradley University, for example, you could easily click over to Evernote, pick up what you need and click back to the task at hand. You probably won’t find a more useful app, especially if you are a bit scattered when trying to keep track of all those little notes you take daily!

Evernote Web Clipper

Then there’s Evernote Web Clipper, also free, and one of the best apps for grad students who do a ton of research. This is one easy way to keep web pages on hand for those times when you aren’t online but need to access the information those pages hold. It’s free and works with the following browsers as an extension:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Simply download the app, run it and you have an extension built into your browser where you can easily click to save webpages to call up later on or off line.


Then there are those grad students who simply can’t remember what file folder they saved research papers to or which SD card holds their end of term thesis paper. Dropbox makes life so much easier because you can get a free account, download the app and then upload your files to the Dropbox site and you will never need to worry about finding those fleeting files again. They’re right there in the Cloud. This is perfect for anyone studying to be in a leadership role, such as that MSN administration degree mentioned above. When working in administration you’ll need to be able to share files online so that your team will have easy access and Dropbox will give you both a place to keep your current files while learning how to work in the Cloud for days when you put that degree to work for you.

There are actually dozens of apps that can help you through your grad school days but these are some of the most useful. From calendars to activity loggers (you can’t spend all your time in front of that computer can you?) there is an app that will help you organize better, stay healthier and get through grad school with flying colors. Many have upgrades which you can pay for but these are the best free apps developed for busy people who simply need that extra bit of ‘memory’ to make it through the day.