How to send free text messages from prepaid phones

Prepaid mobile phones have a lot of advantages,  one of them is you can keep a track of the talk minutes left on your mobile or you can even check them on your account online. Most of the people prefer a prepaid phone to a contract phone. Consumers have access to many exciting discounts and offers when they buy a prepaid mobile phone. One of the exciting offers you get when you buy a prepaid phone is free texting. Many service providers offer you to include the option of unlimited texting or free texting to your mobile phone plan. Here is what you can do.

free text messaging

  • First you need to choose a wireless prepaid service provider. There are many companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc that offer wireless prepaid plans. As an alternate to the companies, you can also buy prepaid TracFone or Alltel from a retail store. Compare the cost of the phones, their features and cell phone plans before you buy one.
  • Visit the prepaid cell phone service provider’s website of your choice. You can buy phones online by clicking the “shop” button their homepage. Then you will be directed to the mobile phones page and you can buy phones that suit your style and cater your needs.
  • Choosing a phone plays a major role. Decide what you are looking for in your phone. Do you need a basic mobile just for calling and texting, a smart phone for all the multimedia functions or a personal digital assistant? Also you can choose from a flip model or a slide model phones.
  • Once you are done with selecting a phone, the next step you need to do is choose a cell phone plan. When you are buying a phone for the first time, your service provider might the benefit of free text messaging. In case you are not provided with the benefit, you can search for a plan which offers you free texting.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy free unlimited texting on your phone.