Why Your Gaming Clan Needs a Proper Communication Platform

If you want to meet people that share your love for video games, one of the best things you can do is make your own gaming clan. It doesn’t matter what games your clan will specialize in or whether you plan to go competitive – you’d want to treat it as an active social group where people can exchange ideas or simply play together. That being said, you should look for a communication platform like the BAND community app to keep clan members connected.

You’re probably wondering why you need to bother with a separate communication platform when there are already other ways for your clan to keep connected, like messengers integrated into popular social media platforms. Quite simply, it’s because a communication platform designed for groups like gaming clans have features that those other options can’t provide.

Streamlined Groups and Subgroups

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to coordinate schedules with people involved with a specificraid if you’re sharing the chat room with the entire clan? What if multiple groups need to run dungeons simultaneously?And remember; it’s just a clan for one game – imagine if your group was dedicated to multiple games.

While it’s possible to make multiple group chats in typical messengers, the interface is often clunky, which could make people hate participating in clan activities. On the other hand, a gaming-specific platform allows you to create chat rooms for different purposes, with an interface that permitsmembers to switch between sessions in an instant.

Better Member Identification

Trying to associate each gaming handle to an actual name is unnecessary. What if you’re trying to assemble a 5-man team for scrims and you’re waiting for one person? How would you know if that Mr. Doe that you sent an invite to your group is actually xX_Tr1cksh0t_Xx? Sure, you can ask them for verification, but wouldn’t it be better if you knew who they are the moment you see them?

A communication platform designed for gaming clans does away with the unnecessary stuff so you can get intoaction as a group ASAP. Users can use their gaming handle when logging in, allowing easier identification whilealso protecting their personal information.

Dedicated Voice Calls

Any moment a player is typing is a moment where they are not playing 100%. Besides, before you can finish typing “behind you” when you see an opponent creeping up your teammate, it may already be too late. Minus morepoints if you also get killed because you’re too busy typing.

A good communication platform lets you create dedicated voice call sessions that allow you and your clanmates to relay information in real-time without having to take your attention away from the game. This means you can execute strategies that require more coordination and increase your clan’s overall competitiveness. You can even set member restrictions for each room so other clan members not participating in the game won’t just barge in and throw off your entire team’s concentration.

Dedicated Notifications

It’s important to think from a clan member’s perspective when trying to manage a gaming clan. For example, if they receive a notification, how would they tell if it’s an update from your gaming clan or if it’s just some random friend tagging them in a photo? Also, once they click the notifications button, all previous notifications won’t show up prominently, which means they could miss important announcements in your gaming clan.

Since a proper gaming platform comes with its own notification system, a clan member can easily tell when you need to update them on something. As a result, members will be able to check out announcements and updates, and you get to respond faster as well. This is invaluable when relaying urgent info such as balance changes, game feature updates, or even looking for a group to assemble.

Remember that your gaming clan is all about its members and the game. A dedicated communication platform takes away all the nuances that could keep your clan from playing and connecting with each other. As such, a group communication app is a must-have for the success of any gaming clan.