Few entertainment activities can be as fast-moving as mobile gaming. In little more than a decade we’ve seen games on mobiles develop from primitive games of Snake, to some incredible innovations that can even stretch our notions of reality.

So if you’re looking to get up to date with the latest and greatest visual innovations in mobile gaming, here’s a look at some inspiring online casino sites with tempting bonuses and some visually stimulating shoot-em-ups.

One of the best examples of how far graphics in mobile games have come is the phenomenal Half Life 2. Not only did this provide a startling level of responsiveness in regards to the gameplay, but the graphics provided an incredibly detailed alien-infested world to explore and destroy.

In order to run such a game, not only would the mobile device need a generous amount of RAM to avoid glitches, but the gamer would also require a significantly larger than average screen size in order to enjoy the detail of the gaming environment.

This is a big reason as to why tech brands such as Samsung have developed devices such as the Galaxy 7 that include an improved graphical display as well as some innovative gaming approaches such as water-cooling features so that mobile gamers can continue to enjoy the latest processor-heavy games without suffering a meltdown.

These features would be especially welcome for fans of gaming sites such as Betway where the immersive and authentically simulated games like video poker would benefit from the 5.1 inch quad-HD display to bring the gaming action and the online casino bonus closer to home.

Although visiting an online casino is a pleasant way to use the new mobile gaming technology, the recent announcements regarding Night Terrors promise a much more terrifying gaming adaption. This augmented reality gaming app is able to use your smartphone’s camera to map your house and then fill it with virtual monsters, complete with authentic heavy breathing!

However, despite these examples of mobile gaming creativity, there has also been a trend for retro-gaming graphics over recent years, with the likes of Wrassling using clunky graphics to disguise the addictive platform gaming format.

And similarly, the puzzle game Monument Valley has successfully used visually-pleasing, yet simple, graphics to provide a more soothing appeal than the traditional shoot-em-up.

So just like online casinos have successfully revisited traditional games with impressive bonuses, it seems that graphics on our mobile have the ability to look into the past as well as the future.