With all the different brands and types of headphones out there it can be nearly impossible to find the ones that fit right for you. Follow this infographic and you should be able to narrow these down to your perfect pair.

How to Choose Earphones


Which type of driver you need depends on the type of headphone you will buy. Electrostatic drivers come in the larger over-ear types of headphones, whereas balanced armature fit inside the smaller type of headphones that fit inside your ear.

Choosing the right form for your use

For exercise, go with either the in ear types, which sit in your ears and fit within them, or the on ear types, which sit on your ear but can have problems with noise leaking out. You will also want water resistance and high durability. For general use on ear are a good bet, as they offer a good mix of affordability and noise quality. If portability is a big concern for you then ear buds, on ear buds or in ear types all fit the bill. Ear buds are the most portable by far, but some find these uncomfortable to use for long periods. To find out, which earbuds are the best in business, follow this headphones guide. For gaming you will want to choose ones with deep bass, high volume and a built in microphone. For best quality for the on ear or over ear types. The best quality comes from the over-ear types, which cup the entire ear. Of the over-ear types closed back ones give better exterior noise reduction, which are great for home theater use, but the open back types allow for better hearing of the outside world, which is a great fit for things like DJ usage.

What else?

If you find cables annoying then think about getting wireless headphones. While these are more portable they also require charging and have slightly lower sound quality. On the other hand: if you are looking at cheaper headphones the cables may break over time. If you do decide on wired you should be sure to check the cable length, as too long or short can render them annoying to use or even useless. Finally: You should check out the comfort of the headphones you choose. If you’re going to be wearing these for long period then uncomfortable headphones can end up giving you sore ears or other problems, so try before you buy if you can.