How to Give Your Facebook Page a Boost

Most companies today have a Facebook web page, but they don’t really know what they should do with it. Which types of posts work well? Will you be wasting your time by posting every day or even multiple times a day? Do you even need Facebook anymore? Read on for tips about making your business page stand apart from the rest.

1. Post Videos: People like to watch videos, especially short ones. With Facebook, you can post a video and people can watch it right on your page – they won’t be redirected elsewhere. Post videos that help you tell a story.

2. Post Selfies: You may think that your audience doesn’t care about seeing a selfie, but images with people in them tend to rate higher than images without people. If you’re hanging out with somebody who’s well known or you’re doing something interesting that provides a great backdrop, post a selfie.

3. Get Tagged: In your privacy settings, you can decide whether or not people can tag you in photos. Most people allow themselves to be tagged but want to approve the tag first. So long as you’re checking your Facebook account daily, this strategy is fine – you can control what your name is attached to while letting your network spread your name around.

4. Attend Events: Whenever you attend a local event, showcase it on Facebook. People will get to see what you’re interested in, which means they can relate to you better. Remember, the golden rule of modern day advertising is to connect with people on a personal level before you can expect them to buy whatever you’re selling.

5. Hashtag It: It’s true that hashtags aren’t as popular on Facebook as they are on Twitter or Instagram, but some people still use them. For now, using hashtags means that your content will get seen because there isn’t a lot of competition. Branded hashtags are ideal, because only your company will use them.

Once you find out which posts your audience responds to, combine a few methods together in one post. Put up a selfie with a branded hashtag, post a video and tag your friends in it, etc. Keep in mind that text-only posts don’t do well on Facebook and you should always add some type of visual to your posts.