How to have the best android phone on a budget

Some time back, it was not easy to own a cool smart phone. You had either to pay handsomely for it ($600-800), or to commit to a two year contract. However, things have changed within the past few years. Today, there are many manufacturers who offer smartphones at an affordable price. However, low cost is relative. To some, it means anything below $300, while to others it means $150. Here is how you can get an android phone on a budget.

Tip #1- Decide the features you want in your smartphone

What are the reasons you need a smartphone? Have you thought about the features that the phone should have in order for it to serve you well? These are some of the things that should be running through your mind by now. Remember that the phone you want could be an older model. Newer models will tend to go for higher prices. There could be a slight difference in terms of features between the new and old model, but the price difference is ridiculous. Therefore, do not always go for the new phone in the market as this will cost you more. Preferably, you do not have to buy your phone of choice the moment it is launched. Rather, you can wait for the price to go down.

Tip #2- Find an affordable network provider

Always find an affordable network provider. There is no definite perfect provider as it depends on the region you reside in. A quick Google search will yield a range of service providers. From, there, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly and go for it.

Tip #3- The ideal phone should be easy and cheap to use

Before you get your dream android phone, find out how much it will cost to get it up and running. Some devices require additional applications that should be purchased. This means that even though you spent less on buying it, maintenance will be costly. There are many companies that design phones that are easy to use. Just be wise in choosing what best suits both your personal and work needs.

Tip #4- Look out for offers and discounts

The moment you decide to buy a new phone is the same instance you should start shopping for deals. There are many stores that have numerous deals all year round like Coupons and promo codes are a great way of finding an Android phone on a budget. The good thing is that you can find such deals all over online sites easily.

Simple as they seem but using these tips will help you in some ways to find the best Android phone that suits both your taste and budget.