There are times when you want to get rid of the unwanted gadgets. There are plenty of reasons that may make you think that now it’s time that you should make the switch from your old MacBook to the new one. We will not go into detail on the reasons because, as the title of this article suggests, you are here to know how you can sell your MacBook and get the best return on it. So, here is what you should do.

Prepare it for sale

First of all, start by preparing your gadget for sale. It should be the case with anything that you are willing to sell not just your MacBook.

Physically clean it

Start off by cleaning the Mac physically. Like you ready yourself before going to an event, prepare your make physically for sale. It should be looking reasonable and must seem appropriate if you want it to be sellable. You can do it by using the microfiber cloth and a cleanser that is alcohol-free. Clean the screen, case, keyboard, and trackpad.

Back up of data

Then, if you have some important data in it and you are going to migrate to a new Mac, you should consider making a backup. Even if you are not willing to buy a Mac now, still, if there is any important data that you do not want to lose you should create a backup of it. There are ways, and even software that allows you to create a clone of your Mac and you can run the files on any computer easily.

Signing out of iTunes

If you do not want to face any bad time, you should log out of the iTunes. Even if you are not selling the Mac to any dealer and are just handing it over to any of your friend or relative, never leave your Apply ID signed into your system. To do so, go to your iTunes and head over to the account section. Click on the ‘authorizations’ option and from there, select ‘deauthorize this computer’before finally entering your Apple ID and Password and clicking ‘deauthorize’ button.

Sign out of iMessage

Now, it’s time to say good bye to your iMessage. Go to the Messages app and click ‘messages’ which will be appearing in the top left corner. From there, choose preferences in thedrop-down menu and click ‘Accounts.’There, you can see the ‘account’ option on the left. Choose ‘sign out’ and finally, sign out from your iMessage.

Factory restore it

Okay, you may ask that if it is all about Factory Restore, why all the above things are mentioned. You are always going to do this,but you should never rely solely on this option. Therefore, proceed with everything listed above before finally factory restoring the device. Some Macs even come with boot disk which can be of great help in this scenario.

Selling your MacBook

So, let’s move to selling your Mac. There are a number of options that you can consider.

Selling to friend or relative

You may know about someone in your friend’s circle, or even your relative or acquaintance, that is looking to buy used Mac. For that, you can use social media and post about it on twitter and facebook. People that you know will probably not rip you off neither they will haggle you in comparison with a stranger. Just ensure that you give the post-sale support for a while. Plus, do not lie ever about the working condition. If there is a fault, then state it clearly.

Trading it with Apple’s Renew and Recycle program

In the US, Apple has its own renewing and recycling program. They will take almost any used product from you that is manufactured by the company for reusing and recycling it. In return, you can receive the Apple Gift Card for the value of your Mac.

Selling it to local or online Mac resellers

There are some local and online Mac resellers that are ready to give you decent money for your system. So, while you are about to sell your Mac, make sure that you check these options too. If your MacBook is in good condition and you happen to be a decent dealer, you can get some serious return on your investment.