With the fast pacing industry that is beaming technology and new phones entering the market at a speed of light, it isn’t easy to meet the latest technology with your current phone. Even if someone buys a phone today, the chances are a month down the line a newer model will be available in the market and the recently bought phone might not be up-to-date. To keep up the beat of the tech savvy phones and always having an urge to have the latest one handy, a fair deal would be to sell of the old phone for the best prices and chip in some additional money for the new one instead of investing a huge amount in another phone and leaving the current one as junk.

Here are few tips as how to sell your old phone for the best prices.

  1. Put them up on Online Portals

The easiest way to sell off a phone is through the online portals that let you put an ad for the phone and helps you connect to the buyer directly. There are multiple online portals that are available for selling off the old phone at a decent price. Though there are some risks that fall under this method but in most cases the prices are fairly near the expectations. Also putting your ad on multiple websites rather than on one can help you get to choose between the buyers that offers you a better price for your phone.

  1. Spread the word on the social networking platforms

Social networking platforms have been a boon in situations like these. It is easier to put up a small post about your phone and they will attract a lot of buyers. Plus social media networks come handy and they can be operated even on the go and hence one can always stay updated with the progress of them selling the phone. Also you can get quite some buyers and also honest reviews about the phone and hence a better idea of whether you are expecting a decent price for your model or not.

  1. Go to the Local retail store

A lot of people prefer this as the sanest option for not getting into the long processes if posting ads, entertaining potential buyers. They go to the nearest retail store that buys the cell phone. The person at the store evaluates the cost and the resale value of the smartphone and gives the money either in the form of cash or in exchange for a new phone where you only need to pay the surplus amount. This method can save you both time and energy and is a quick deal to make, if you are in a hurry.

  1. A word of mouth

At times like these a word of mouth always is a saviour. This is one of the practices that is done on a regular basis by spreading the word amongst friends, families and acquaintances. People rely on this option as they know that they cash will come and risk is lower than putting an ad and knowing the credibility of the buyer. Plus this also attracts many people in your circle and negotiations done can reap you a good value for your smartphone.

  1. Sell it to Reputed Buyers

Another way that is available is to sell it to companies that buy smartphones and offer a high price. Klymen is one of the companies where you can make a deal that you will be glad of. Selling your phone to to reputed buyers will probably fetch you a better deal than any of the other mentioned methods.

Apart from these there are other methods too but selling your smartphone for a best price has always been a struggle. Hence it is recommended to stick to the conventional methods that are reliable and comparatively less risky.