How to Setup a Killer Tech Review Website

The development and advancement of technology in the last decade has greatly increased the public’s interest in new inventions. This demand for information about fresh technological achievements has created an army of websites who thoroughly deal with the newest technology related products. Fortunately, this area is so immense, even though numerous websites are created on daily basis, there is still some ground to cover. Here are some tips to get you started.

Website design

If you want to make your readers stay on your website, it is important to have a neutral design that is not flashy or tacky. Carefully choose the placement of advertisements, as they should not interfere with the content you are creating. This will make your readers feel more pleasant and they will spend more time on your review site. When it comes to website design, it is important to focus on practicality. Essentially it should be natural and easy for the reader to navigate through the website. Keep in mind that the design can be changed over time, you can even create polls and ask your readers which design they prefer. Take a look at Anand Mishra profile if you need help with your web design.

The Team

Since the topic you are going to write about is expanding with every passing hour, it is practically impossible to keep the pace by covering everything alone. To ensure that you have a great flow of content on your website, it is important to start with a small team of four or five creative writers who are fascinated by technology and who would enjoy writing about it every day.

Teamwork is very important and it can directly affect productivity and creativity in a company. Every member of the team should cover various popular areas of tech topics. One could deal with the PC scene, others could focus on mobile technologies, someone would have to cover console development and it is also important to cover new pieces of software that are created daily on both PCs and mobile platforms. This would provide the reader with a span of topics that could interest him.

Spread the word

This is a must. When you think that you have enough content on your website, it is time to share your writing around the web. It is very important to share links to your website through social networks as you will attract traffic. Another step you could take is to contact bloggers who are willing to mention your website in their posts. This would direct their followers to your website. It is essential to focus on bringing more people to your website every day. When you gain a lot of traffic, you will be in a much better position where companies will start contacting you to write about their products.


From the mere beginning, it is essential to have website security on a high level. It may cost you a bit more but having good, secure hosting is a must. It is important that your website is always online, as it will, over time, become your main source of income. So, do not save your money on quality hosting.