ID Card Workshop – A Must Have Software For Modern Businesses

Security is a primary concern for most business organizations today and issuing ID cards is perhaps the best way to implement access control. As a business owner, I understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient for issuing ID cards to my employees. Although I had tried out a wide range of graphic design software, they failed to offer the expected results. Then a friend of mine introduced me to ID Card Workshop software and most of my problems were solved. I share the following review to help other entrepreneurs find a easy solution for their membership tracking and management issues.

About The Software: The software is extremely easy to use and supports a completely professional interface. It comes with an extremely powerful built-in multi-layer ID Card designer along with a decent collection of samples and templates. The software is designed to enable you to not only create and design ID cards that suit the company branding but also monitor and manage the cards with just a few mouse clicks.

Features Offered: ID Card Workshop offers various features that make it a perfect solution provider for access control and management issues within an organization. I am sharing below the features that I think make it a must have ID Cardsoftware for all modern business organizations.

Designing Professional Cards: Whether you want to create ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or employee badges, you can do all this and much more in a completely professional manner with this software. It not only enables you to insert images, texts, barcodes and logos but also arrange the same as you like.

Powerful Management Features: You can easily perform a wide range of ID card management tasks with this software. This includes enrolling new employees into the system to managing and retrieving records of past and present employees and card holders. You can also search for specific records and edit, modify or delete them or verify card validity by using barcode scanner with record seeker facility of ID Card Workshop.

Magnetic Stripe Cards: You can even create cards that support magnetic stripe as the software has a built in magnetic stripe encoding feature. Moreover you can print the cards in diverse sizes to suit your business needs.

Built-In JavaScript Engine: You can extend the functionality of ID card software to meet the unique business logic of your organization. You can easily manage your membership program and even create an easy check in/check out system for the visitors by adding just a few lines of script.

My Verdict

Overall I found the software to be extremely helpful and it helped me overcome the various issues related to ID card designing and management. I was really impressed by the fact that the software was available in free trial version which enabled me to test its features before I actually made the decision to purchase it. I have opted for the pay-as-you-go monthly subscription license as it suits my limited budget. But you can also choose the full version license to gain exploit the benefit of having all the features at your disposal.