Apple always casts a magic spell on its users- it keeps its upcoming projects hushed up, leaving Stans to speculate and wait for months. This leads to a lot of conspiracy theories building up with fans and experts guessing what the next product could be about and finally when Apple drops the extravagant bomb shell- it is beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. All Apple products are always worth the wait and you can always buy Apple products through paytm offers to get great deals on even greater products.

The same thing happened at San Francisco, where Tim Cook unveiled the brand new iPad Pro which is faster, sturdier and could leave behind conventional tablets in a heartbeat. Here is all you need to know about Apple’s brand new baby- the iPad Pro:

Design and Display

The iPad Pro comes with a stunning 12.9 inch screen with retina display which is considerably larger than the iPad Air 2 which comes with a 9.7 inch display. It has amazing pixel resolution of 2732 x 2048 which is more than 5.6 million pixels even greater than the 15 inch Mac Book with Retina Display. It is slightly thicker than its predecessor- the iPad Air which is 6.1mm and the iPad Pro is 6.9 mm in thickness. Unlike most tablets it’s not quite that light and weighs 1.54 pounds which is pretty heavy.



What makes the iPad technology truly remarkable and a cut above the rest is what goes under the hood and powers these beautiful gadgets. The iPad Pro runs on the brand new A9x Chip which is said to be 1.8 times faster than the A8x Chip which powers the iPad Air 2. This also makes the iPad pro almost 80% faster than most PCs that are doing rounds in the market these days.

The iPad Pro would be running on the latest iOS9 which gives it quite some new enhancements and tweaks such as allowing it to switch to a split screen mode.

The iPad Pro comes with 4 speakers to better balance out the sound depending on how the device is held which makes the sound from the speakers alter accordingly for a better sound experience. Be sure to grab this beautiful product when it launches using amazon coupons to get great deals and show off to the world your prized new possession.

The iPad Pro is also gifted with an 8 MP rear camera to take stunning photographs and has an HD FaceTime camera that helps you easily video chat with friends and family in high quality like never before.

What comes as even better news is that the makers have revealed that the iPad Pro can go up to 10 hours with a single charge which really could be quite relieving.


Additional Goodies

The iPad Pro also comes with two additional accessories you can buy to truly enhance your experience on this wonderful gadget. It comes with a Smart Keyboard which is like a Surface Keyboard which can also be used as a cover. It comes with a Butterfly Mechanism which keeps keys in place allowing them to move very little but at the same time it doesn’t compromise on responsiveness.


The game changer for the iPad Pro is the Pencil which acts as a stylus which many Apple fans would remember that Steve Jobs loathed. However the stencil is light and easy to use and is highly responsive on the screen. It’s a great tool for 3D designing and artwork which truly defines the future capabilities of the iPad pro as it brings a lot more precision.


Be sure to grab this new sleek and futuristic tablet which Apple hopes would change the way we interact with technology. Apple is definitely changing the game and it looks good!