The Key To A Great Mobile Experience

Over the past few years the use of mobile devices for internet surfing and online shopping has grown by huge proportions. With the rapid advances in mobile technology and the easy availability of internet connectivity across diverse locations, people are increasingly opting to use these easily portable devices for remaining connected with the world. This has also led to an increase in the development of diverse applications aimed at enhancing the internet usage experience of mobile owners. Most importantly business owners have become aware of the fact that in order to tap the vast potential of the market of mobile users, development of application that are fast and effective is extremely important.

Keeping in view the expectations of the mobile users, most developers today focus on creating applications that provide optimal performance with minimal time delays. In fact, various survey reports indicate that people, who access internet through mobile, tend to have a greater abandonment rate for every second of delay in page loading, as compared to the ones who use regular desktops or PC’s for internet access. Hence, for ensuring the success of any online venture, a fast load speed across diverse devices and platforms is being considered extremely critical.

To ensure the same most mobile application developers today use a wide range of performance and load testing tools and software to gain accurate information about the performance of the application in real world scenario. Companies such a Keynote offer effective and accurate software to help developers understand the various aspects that hinder the speed and performance of a mobile application.  With the concept of responsive websites also becoming poplar, the necessity of having mobile applications that load at a really fast pace has become even more important.

The software offered by Keynote enables developers to check performance and speed issues while taking other aspects such as time to generate the requested information at the server end as well as the network and browser time at the device end into consideration. This helps them to learn whether or not the application suffers from any shortcomings that might be overcome to enhance speed.  While these parameters work fine with applications that are related to internet usage, they are not applicable for applications that are stored locally on the mobile device.

In case of locally stored apps, the developers need to take into consideration the device specifications for ensuring optimum speed and performance. In many cases, the developers might even be required to create different versions of the same applications for ensuring great performance across different types of devices. These can again be tested individually for speed and performance issues with the load testing software offered by Keynote. This is especially true for popular games and apps that are used by mobile users to simplify various processes of everyday living.

Load testing has become the key to ensuring the creation the efficient mobile apps that ensure better retention and an enhanced user experience. That is why developers are seeking the assistance of reliable and renowned companies providing such software to ensure a enhanced application usage experience for mobile device owners.