Latest iOS Updates Enhancing the Performance of iPhones

Apple devices like iPhones are always in demand in the consumer market. The sales for these devices have been rising considerably. Comparing to the statistics from the year 2008-2009, when the global sales were around 20 millions, the sales have increased more than 10 times. But these devices do require regular updates to run smoothly without any hassles and to make it even faster. There have been a series of updates since the release of iOS 10 in September 13, 2016. As of now, iOS 10.3.1 was released on April 3, 2017 with more security improvements.

Let us take a look at some of the features offered in this latest iOS update:

Raise to Wake Feature:

In general, when we keep the phone in idle mode, the lights turn off automatically after sometime. When we need to view something again, we pick up the phone and click on the home button. The screen lights up again. With the latest iOS update, whenever the iPhone is in idle mode, just pick up your phone and the lights will turn on. You don’t have to click on any buttons to open the phone. This feature is presently supported in iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. The Raise to Wake feature is activated by default in these devices with the latest iPhone update. You can turn it off by clicking on Settings, then go to display and brightness, and then turn off the Raise to Wake option.

Access Lock Screen Notifications with Ease:

This new feature in the latest update will allow users to access the notifications without even opening the app directly. For example, when your screen is locked and your friend has sent a message, you can easily reply to your friend by clicking on the notification without even unlocking your phone. Depending on the notification, two-three pop ups will come up, and you can choose your option using 3D touch and reply.

Clearing all Lock Screen Notifications with a Single Click:

The latest iOS update has added a new feature to clear all notifications at once with a single click. This feature is available on devices with 3D touch only. Open all the notifications by dragging down from the top of the screen. Now you can see that each notification has an “X” button on the right side. If you tap it, the individual notification will disappear. Now hold the “X” button for a longer period of time. A “Clear All Notifications” prompt will appear. Simply click on the prompt and all the notifications will be cleared with a single click.

AirPods Tracking Feature:

Users keep losing their AirPods even at home. The new feature of “Find my AirPods” will help keep track of those. In order for the feature to work, you must have it connected to the device. When you tap on the Find my AirPods button, it will play a high pitched tune on the pods which will keep increasing the frequency. In this way you will find your pods.

Providing Bigger Storage:

This is in fact, one of the biggest updates to iOS 10 that was done on public request. Apple has switched to new file system which is known as APFS. This update will take care of the storage and performance issues for the devices. People using the beta version reported that they had more storage space almost around 5 GB which matters a lot. Obviously, the devices will face less lag time and perform faster. On the performance front, the phones would be smoother to operate. In fact, users won’t lose data, the transition is seamless.

Change in App Icons:

Apple iOS 10.3 comes equipped with dynamic app changing feature. Developers will be able to alter app icons even without any update. However, to control abuse, changes can only be made when the user of the app permits the developer to change it.

Small UI Adjustments:

A new animation appears while closing the applications which have rounded edges at the corner. While putting in passwords, users will see a vacant state instead of dashes. Some buttons have been altered as well like arrows for email switching.

Renovation of New Profile and Settings Section:

The Settings app provides all the account details regarding the user. The iCloud app has new storage bar at the top making its operation easier. You will also see a list of devices attached to the iCloud account.

Map Application Adjustments:

The earth view will be a flat one and not a 3D one. Also, when searching for a city or a particular region, you will find a weather icon at the bottom-right with present temperature. The iPhone 6S offers a 3D touch view for an hourly weather forecast.

Now, since the release of updates, a number of iPhone users wanted to know whether their sets can be updated to iOS 10. The reply lies in the fact that some smartphones especially the ones starting from the 6th generation can support this update. iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE will definitely support iOS 10. Obviously, iPhone 7 will have this version pre-installed within the smartphones. The 10.3 update may not seem like a major one on the face, but it is significant because it offers a great user experience on the whole. Officially, the iPhones and iPads are going to be much faster with these updates. Therefore, for those who have iPhone 4 sets or below, it is time to sell or trade in your iPhone and get your hands to the latest iPhones to enjoy the new features of the latest iOS update.

Author Bio: Arpita Bose is a technology blogger who shares a lot of information about latest technology and mobile phone related news. Here she provides information on latest iOS update and its features.