While it may sound unbelievable, many network attacks are perpetrated by those who already have access to them. In some cases, those who have access to a network will give the password to the network or other tips to bypass security measures to outsiders. Therefore, it is critical that only those who can be trusted have access to an internal network and the data on that network.

Why Might an Insider Take Steps to Make a Company Network Vulnerable?

There are many reasons why an insider may want to make a network vulnerable to attack. For example, a disgruntled employee may be taking his or her revenge against a company for not getting a promotion or a pay raise. A worker may have been paid a large sum of money or given some other form of compensation for insider information or for information about a network’s security platform. 

Why Would Someone Want to Gain Access to a Network?

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to gain access to a restricted network. The names and social security numbers of customers may be located on it. Such information is used to commit identity theft. Competitors may want to steal trade secrets or get information on ideas that may not be patented yet and pass them off as their own. 

Can a Network Be Protected From Attacks Perpetrated by Insiders?

Yes, there are steps that the owner of a network can take to ensure that a network stays secure. There may be several different levels of access granted depending on a person’s position and other clearance protocol. This would restrict the most sensitive information from being accessed only by those who have proven that they can be trusted with it. 

Network security providers such as Pertino gives you multiple layers of security to protect your data from common network attacks. This ensures that your data is protected from those who are trying to overwhelm your network or get past a firewall. Other methods such as tracking everyone who has access to a network may also prove to be a useful defense against network attacks.