Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives today as we prefer carrying out regular activities – like availing transport and shopping a multitude of everyday items- with the help of these apps. As per reports, the purchases made through mobile devices account for around 22% percent of the entire ecommerce sale in the US and it is only expected to touch 27% by 2018. Needless to say, in-app sales make for the major portion of purchases made via mobile devices. Today, we’ll be looking at the leading trends that will shape mobile app development in 2016.

Cloud technology will continue to impact mobile app development in a major way

Cloud technology had emerged one of the most compelling attributes driving mobile app development in 2015. Developers will continue to focus as strongly on cloud computing in 2016 as they did in 2015. Cloud, needless to say, offers several advantages to developers. They can keep the apps small – thanks to cloud support. Plus, they are able to sync their apps across multiple devices as well. Cloud computing, in general, enables more efficient management of bandwidth and possible memory issues. The deployment of cloud technology, as such, will not really phase out in the days to come.

Industries like finance, insurance and retail will invest more in mobile apps

The insurance, retail and other financial institutions will explore the multichannel solutions (with proven efficacy) to increase sales, bolster chances of cross selling, improve customer relationship, decrease costs and improve management and training. 2016 is likely to witness a surge in the number of such companies investing in mobile apps since users in general are more comfortable accessing mobile apps to conduct important financial transactions. Please visit Customertimes NYC in order to find out more about it.

The Internet of Things will be in focus

Yes, by the year 2020 over 5 billion people are expected to be connected to 50 billion things. By 2019 the global IOT market is most likely to grow at CAGR 31.72%. The IoT service and product suppliers are poised to generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 by 2020.

Developers will invest more time and energy in beefing up app security

Yes, it (i.e. app security) remains another area of mobile app development which will receive more attention than it did in the previous years. A Gartner Report had apparently predicted that more than 75% of the mobile apps would not actually have the basic security measures in 2015. Needless to say, the developers remained quite concerned through most of the year. So security will continue remaining the centre of attention in the coming year. Let us take the instances of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and iOS 9 platforms. Both of them are backed by high-end security features and developers actually need to guarantee that they are creating equally secured apps so as not to violate the integrity of these platforms. In any case, mobile app developers have always been kept on their toes by the recurrent information leaks and instances of hacking.


The aforementioned points sum up mobile app development 2016 for you!