For all that people complain about cell phones and mobile devices being bad because they distract people from real life, there are a tremendous amount of positive aspects to having a window to the world in your pocket. And specifically, you can say that if you’re in a bad mood, being able to find beauty and inspiration on the go is a huge benefit.

So if you’re looking to view your mobile gadgets from this positive perspective, consider the options of looking at artwork on the web, bookmarking inspirational quote sites, finding easy links to positive podcasts, searching Instagram and Twitter hashtags, and even having archives of your own creations to scan through when you need a mood bump.

Artwork as a Pick-Me-Up

Sometimes all you need to make you happy in a split second is to look at some artwork. If you have the web addresses of cool art sites, like Park West Gallery, or links to the artwork that you can find in famous museums or through various artists or art collectors, then swiping through might be just the ticket to grinding through another few hours of what might otherwise be a frustrating day.

Bookmark Inspirational Quote Sites

There are uncountable websites that gather inspirational quotes for you. Sometimes they appear as spiritual memes. Other times they come across as humorous comics with relevant messages that fit your needs. Bookmark these sites and have them ready in your browser of choice on your cell phone, so that when something irritating comes up during your day, you have the antidote a trigger finger away, stashed in your mobile brain.

Find Easy Links To Positive Podcasts

You can subscribe to positive podcasts as well. And that means, when you’re looking for some inspiring thoughts to hold onto, all you have to do is pop a pair of headphones on and hit play, and you can have whatever type of inspiring soundtrack you want on in the background as you’re moving freely about your day.

Search Instagram and Twitter Hashtags

If you have an account on Instagram or Twitter, you’re a hashtag search away from pretty much any type of visual that you want. In terms of inspiration and beauty, this is probably the simplest route to see all of the amazing things that people capture every day and are willing to share with the digital world at large.

Have Archives of Your Own On Hand

And if you have any pictures that you’ve taken with your gadgets – like, your family, or photos of your hometown, or something else that you appreciate the meditative value of – then keep those photos within easy reach, and they’ll serve as your reminders to keep your chin up and stay motivated. And all of this inspiration will come as a direct result of you having access to your mobile devices.