Modern Car Shopping Smarts: Understanding Your Technology and Connectivity Options

We are becoming increasingly connected in our modern lives. Not only do we have our smartphones or even smartwatches on us at all times, providing us with updates about the latest news and bombarding us with messages from friends and colleagues, but now our cars are getting in on the act.

It still seems slightly futuristic to have a car that provides connectivity. But these days it is becoming increasingly common.

While you may consider various options when buying a new car, like the safety, engine sizes, and price, make sure you also consider the connectivity options. So here are some of the technologies to look out for when you next buy a new car.

Apple and Google in Your Car

There are lots of connectivity options in cars, but perhaps the two that are making the most headlines are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Many car manufacturers have their own platforms, but the big two have got the most advanced options. Apple and Google bring their app ecosystems to cars, and they can be used in various models so you can retain the familiarity of the system when you change cars.

They both use your smartphone’s connectivity to connect to your car’s touchscreen. In doing this, they allow you to make calls, send messages, and access features like navigation. You can even use voice commands.

If you are considering buying a new car like a Dodge Charger or something similar, you might find that the vehicle is supported. You will need a good data connection, preferably 4G—and don’t forget your phone.

Smartphone-Free Connectivity

Another option is to enjoy connectivity features without your smartphone. This is becoming more common, and various manufacturers are adding connectivity to their vehicles.

Some cars now have 4G mobile network connectivity built into them, and this way they can turn the vehicle into a Wi-Fi hub so that passengers can connect their smartphones and tablets.

This keeps you connected even when you don’t have your smartphone, providing a more convenient option. However, you will probably have to pay for the data plan.


Bluetooth has been around for a long time, and it is popular in cars. Cars often come with a Bluetooth system, and you can pair your phone with your car’s system to control your phone.

This allows you to answer your phone hands-free and perform other functions without having to pick up your phone, increasing safety.

The Future?

There is a lot of speculation about what the future holds for connected cars. It’s almost certain that most if not all cars will be autonomous and connected to the internet all the time, and cars are likely to send information back to the manufacturer using diagnostics.

The car will essentially become another wireless device, and it will change the whole experience of driving.

Consider Your Connectivity Options

When you next buy a new car, it makes sense to consider your connectivity options. Cars are becoming smarter all the time, and the latest models are making it easier than ever to stay connected. So find out about the connectivity features when you are choosing a car, and make sure you stay connected wherever you go.

Leon McDonald is a geek when it comes to cars. He enjoys tinkering under the bonnet and getting all the latest tech and gadgets for his car.