Online Gaming Market Growth

In the last few years,the online gaming industry has largely taken advantage of broadband services and technological innovation, along with the high speed growth of smartphones and tablets. There has also beenconsequential investment by the online gaming industry to publicise its facilities and services.Expansionin the online gaming industry has also been propelled by an ever growing customer demographic. Early gamerswere typicallyaged between 18 and 25when they first started to enjoy the pioneering online games a couple of decades ago. They have nowbeen joined by a new generation of online gamers, many of whom now prefer to experience their first gaming experience online rather than in land-based gaming establishments.

Regulatory adjustments and technological evolutions such as the introduction of smartphones and tablets have been a key factors that have also helped to increase online gaming revenues worldwide. All these factors together have resulted in the expansion of the diverse online gaming industry. Statista, which is a leading statistic portal has conducted a study which has found out that from 2003 to 2015, the size of the online gaming global market has increased from a volume of $7.4 billion to a projected volume of $41.4 billion, whereas in the UK the online bingo gambling yield in 2009 was estimated at £242 million while in 2013 it was £380, which indicates a growth of nearly 60% in just a few years and this trend still ongoing.

Third-party software may be obtainable rapidly, thus making it comparatively uncomplicated for an online gaming operator to enter this vast market, however the barriers to attain success in the gaming world are set very high which is not at the reach of every gaming site.  These include the need to meet increasingly inconvenient regulatory and technical standards so as to obtain a gaming license. Even though when these requirements have been met by some gaming sites, they still require the capital and marketing competence to merchandise their services in an already competitive landscape. This has made the competition even tougher in the gaming world where only perfection and uniqueness is the key to success. Additional regulatory, amendments and requirements placed on operators, which include the payment of gaming taxes and further concession costs will be beneficial only for those who strive to provide an excellent gaming experience to their players.

This will result in further operators in the gaming industry to merge, and will lead to the emergence of a limited number of strong gaming operators.One online bingo site that has been heading this competitive gaming market is known as Lucky Pants Bingo which operates on its own platform, and this site has brought an innovative approach to provide a unique gaming experience to its players. Lucky Pants Bingo not only features third-party software from top gaming providers, but it also has a unique set of exclusive games that can only be found on its site. Lucky Pants Bingo has been intensively using its resources to provide the best online bingo service and is already available on mobile devices. Mobile gaming is the next big thing in the gaming industry and with the falling cost of handsets and improvements in mobile technology, this is soon going to take over the more conventional known form of online gaming.