Local SEO best practices are evolving rapidly, and as the competition gets fierce, local businesses are finding it difficult to keep pace with the developments in search engine optimization.  Search engines are adding new features to search results, and you need the guidance of a local SEO firm to stay tuned with the current practices.  One of the SEO strategies that dominate the campaign is the optimization of website and content. You must perform a series of on page SEO activities to ensure that the site and content become friendlier for search engines.  You have already created content that the audience would like and now turning to the search engines for making it likable to them. Here is how you can get cracking in optimizing the content for SEO that users would also find beneficial.

Self-revealing URL

Give enough thought about the URL so that it captures the full description that is meaningful and makes perfect sense. Never should it appear to be cryptic to viewers because when it shows in the search results, viewers must get a hint about its relevance so that they click on it. From the SEO perspective, give place to keywords in the URL.

Give an attractive title to the content

The title of the content is the central piece of attraction because viewers can sense what to expect from the content and can gauge its relevance. Only after viewers realize that the content is relevant that they would explore its value. Thus, the title increases the click through rate (CTR). The title is also the best place to insert keywords and brand names that show up in the SERP.

Meta description

Since the optimization measures have to benefit both users and SEO, pay attention to Meta description by restricting it within recommended length and inserting keywords into it. This measure increases CTR although the search engines do not have any use of it for ranking.

Keywords in content

To enable users to discover the relevance of the content quickly; position the target keywords within the first 100 to 150 words of the content. However, do not stuff keywords as it hurts SEO.  Make use of semantically related words to add some extra weight.

Images and videos

For better structuring and organizing content attractively, make use of images and videos in the optimal measure. Content with images is undoubtedly better performers than content without pictures.  The purpose of images is to make the content eye catching although you can use other elements like quotes and sub headings for the purpose. However, do not forget to optimize images and videos so that it does not slow down the website.

Internal links

To give readers more value from the content, make proper use of internal linking so that they can access additional information. Proper internal linking also aids page navigation that becomes very smooth.

Lastly, implement a link-building plan to acquire quality backlinks that help to demonstrate the authority of the website and give search engines every reason to rank the site higher.