Android tabs top 5 reading apps

Do you love reading books? Then this application is especially meant for you. We have a collection of fantastic five apps which is mainly for ardent book readers. But you need to have an android based tablet for this app. We are always recommended to read books as book reading is a good habit which just not give you information but become your friend who guides you in your ways. It is difficult to carry piles of book with you and so with this app you can read your favorite book whenever you want and it’s economic also.

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Blackberry outages extend till North America

All across blackberry users were infuriated as on Wednesday an outage of mail, messages and internet services on the mobile phone were extended to U.S, Canada and spread third day for Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. For all BB users it was the greatest outage in years and it overwrought the relation with the existing tarnished brand. This news came on the day when new iPhone set was launched from a mighty competitor.

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Samsung chips order for new iPhone has been slash by Apple

Samsung chips order for new iPhone has been slash by Apple

The industry source report says that the orders for DRAM and NAND chips have been reduced by iPhone maker.

Apple one of the most leading company which is making great profits from past few years have cut the orders of Samsung memory chips. They have done it for their new or next generation iPhone. The reason behind this was that Apple doesn’t wants to be dependent upon their competitor and legal foe. This news source is from industry sources.

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