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Those who were waiting for I-phone 5 there waiting has been over with I-phone 4 S-the most upgraded version of I-phone with 8MP camera. This I-phone is slim, sleek with wedge-shaped design. One can say it’s a new spin with an old phone which doesn’t excite much for those hoping for I5 but still have an ability to impress I-phy lovers. It is a phone which comes with fastest processor with wide storage capacity. Apple declares this phone as the most amazing phone ever launched by apple. It has the newest operating system iOS 5 with introducing voice activated intelligent assistant named as Siri.

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Top 5 Apps of 2012

Mobile applications are on one among the top place in this business world. The major mobile OS (Operating System) are Apple, Android, iOS, blackberry, windows. Platform of the cell phone choose which applications to support. Few years back nobody thought of such applications into existence as phone was only meant for calling, receive calls or sending text messages but as time grew these apps became well-known and now even the kids are aware of all such apps.

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